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  1. What's driving 1000% signup growth for FCP forums month over month?
  2. I know general poker usually doesn't have much strat content, but could you comment on the analysis going through your head while making some (or all) of these calls.
  3. Here's a helpful hint...it's an old post if someone says I was playing on Party Poker today
  4. You really think this was that bad of a fold by him? Or just a terrible turn bet?
  5. You can go to Ning and create a social network for anything you want, including poker.
  6. Is this a running joke at 2+2 or something because I heard someone type this into chat on Bodog like yesterday?
  7. What did you guys pick up on? Something about how he puts his chips into the pot? Maybe helpful info for JC if someone can get ahold of an FCPer on the rail.
  8. JC doubles with KQ > 64Picks up blinds next hand
  9. If anyone wants to waste a ton of time at work tomorrow, read this, click on links, get to the thread on 2+2, and keep reading.
  10. Filtz Slips Phil Ivey opened to 5,500 from the cutoff and with the action on Justin Filtz on the button, he made it 17,000 to go. Ivey made the call and checked the flop to Filtz who opted to fire 21,000 at Ivey. Having none of it, Ivey moved all in to put Filtz to a decision for his tournament life, and after mulling over it for a while he laid his hand down. As Filtz slipped to 85,000, Ivey pushed over the 200,000 mark.
  11. Someone offered me 2-1. He wins if Ivey wins the table. I win if fluff wins the table. Good deal?
  12. You've been around since 2007, have 445 posts, and you think this is thread worthy?level?
  13. When I said AA I was referring to the other thread I started where I had AA.
  14. So basically here was my reasoning for playing it the way I did. His range on the flop is something like: KK, QQ, JJ, 10-10, 99, 88, 77, AK, AQ, AJ,If he has AK AQ, AJ, 88, 99, 10-10, QQ, KK, he could fold to our raise on the flop.If he has JJ or 77, I'm probably going to get it in anyways, and as another poster said, that's poker.I didn't want him to be able to fold 99, 10-10, QQ, KK, AJ or complete air. I thought if I just called, he'll continue to stack off.If I raise, he definitely folds his bluffs and could fold something like QQ or AJ.
  15. I agree a raise on the turn here is necessary. I thought the flop was marginal.In the other hand, I'm still not sure if I should raise the flop with AA, but we can discuss that there.
  16. Yesterday I posted four hands where everyone told me to call or that I played it too aggro. And I had less showdown value in those hands than the ones I posted today. Today, I had showdown value and played more passively and I still played them incorrectly, but I'm trying to learn...
  17. It was a rainbow flop. If I raise the flop, do i call a shove? It's a pretty dry board.
  18. Why? My hand is so marginal on the flop. And people just were talking about how these tiny weak leads are asking to get raised... And I actually have showdown value. I don't see why this is necessarily a raise. I understand I need to charge 9x and QJ to stay in, but i don't always want 9x to fold if the person is going to keep playing like a retard...Also please comment on the other hands I posted like two days ago. They're still on the first page.Thanks.
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