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  1. Being a Newfie myself, I don't find jokes like these offensive. Of course, I went to high school who were 22-24 but that is besides the point.....
  2. Well that sucked. I turn the computer on to play in the event to find that it was played at 10AM?!?Well they are having another freeroll as a makeup so I'll have to try then. Still kinda sucks though....
  3. The scariest thing about a cult like this is that, usually, when its founder dies, the cult dies with it.Since Hubberd's (sp?) death, Scientology has proliferated....scary thought.
  4. It really depends on what you are looking to play.Casino Niagara carries the lower limit games. They spread limit 2/4, 3/6 and NL 1/2 and occasionally 2/5 depending on interest.Fallsview Niagara spreads the higher games usually. So if you are looking to play higher stakes than mentioned above, you will want to go here.There is also Seneca Niagara on the US side. I can't comment on that one since I haven't been there but most reviews I have read seem positive.
  5. According to Websters:Golf: (n) A lovely outdoor walk ruined by a stupid little white ball.
  6. I was playing in a freeroll tournament on Royal Vegas Poker. A guy (with garbage cards) went all in and another guy (we will call him Jack) called. Jack was a 72% favourite to win....and lost.He went nuts and got all pissed off at the other guy who responded by saying that, since it is a freeroll, he wanted to try to double up early. Jack responded with:"What? Who cares about getting a larger stack if the tournament takes 4 hours to play out anyway?"To quote Dr. Evil...."Right.........."
  7. Bottom line is that the US government just wants their piece of the pie....a really big piece at that.
  8. Play money players are one of a kind.On my lunch break at work, I played at FCP.net in a one table sit-n-go. I ended up in third place...and hadn't played a hand yet!!!That sums it up.
  9. Hey folks.Sorry if you were at my table yesterday. My computer decided to have a hard drive crash and burn so my computer at home is officially deceased. Of course, it decided to happen about 15 minutes before the qualifier (of which I had a free ticket for).....now that is a bad beat.Good luck to the winners.
  10. Anyone get their ticket yet? I didn't finish 7th in the fullcontactpoker.net tournament for nothing (being Canadian, I didn't get into the ESPN tourney).
  11. You can also try the casinos in Niagara Falls.
  12. Canada: DN and Gavin SmithUSA: Phil Ivey"If it wasn't for luck, I'd have my own country": Phil Helmuth
  13. One of these times that make it great to live in Canada....that and the beer of course.
  14. You can always get a free bankroll from Party Poker via PokerSourceOnline.com. A link is in my signature below.http://www.instantbankroll.comReferral Code: kk_rush
  15. If you want a free one, try AVG. Otherwise, you could go with something like Norton Anti-Virus.
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