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  1. thanksI guess I am as dumb as I look
  2. Can someone give me the link to DN's video blog.I know i will get flamed, I did do a search but could not find it.thanks
  3. Maybe you should study the art of spelling for 4 years, then come back.
  4. I too was disapointed when it turned out to not be porn. I jerked off anyway
  5. I don't post often so forgive me for not having the actual hand history.1-2nl on BodogI'am in the big blind with Ah9cno raise preflop and I check, myself, small blind and button see the flopflop9hQh2HSmall blind checksI bet $5call callTurn 8hSmall blind bets 12I raise to $30Button CallsSmall Blind goes all in for $207I go all in for $350Button foldsI will post results later
  6. The OP's use of *chuckle* was the gayest thing I have seen in a very long time....well that and the fact he is crying over lost free chips
  7. They have 5$ chips they tip with that are not in play. When they go all in you will notice chips left behind.
  8. Well this was funI dont post alot but I will play in as many as I am able to Good luck all
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