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  1. thank you. that was funny.
  2. I ate a few tonight and I noticed something.While they seem to have a pleasant texture, it is nearly (or completely) impossible to seperate them and leave all of the cream on one side. discuss...
  3. Why would anybody play with a chip that puts you all in? The magnetude of morons at this event amazes me. Most people are smart enough to keep them in their pockets or behind their chipstack(new word?).All the player would have to do is muck his hand before the floor got there and explain the situation. The ruling would probably involve him calling the big blind but thats about it. Don't play with your all in chips.
  4. Alternates start with 10k in chips. The difference isn't really that much.As of Thursday night there were 8400 entries and the WSOP was "sold out". However, they still ran satellites including a mega satellite where 51 players won a seat. Harrah's waited to inform these players that they were going to be alternates until the satellite was over. I thought for sure they were going to start throwing chairs. The total number is up around 9000 entries. Last night I had a guy come up to me and ask where table 315 was @ 9:00pm. He was on the alternate list and didnt even bother to try to play until 9
  5. There are only 208 tables in the room. They don't have enough space for more than 2080 players so they put in alternates as people get knocked out.
  6. My girlfriend and I went up to Caesars the other day to play a tourney. You have to have the same players card to play there. She forgot her card and gave them her driver's license to get a new one and they claimed she wasn't in the system. Now, she has 2 player's cards with different numbers on them. There were 3 guys colluding on the single table $1060 sats and each won 3 entries into the tourney. I'm sure one of them thought of a way to get a couple cards.
  7. 1. The chip has no value. (except on Ebay)2. You don't need the chip to be all in. Just saying "all in" is fine.3. The chip is huge. If somebody confused it with a normal chip, they're a moron. 4. Hardly anybody uses the chip. This isn't a new regulation or something. Relax.
  8. "Honey... Honey... No, stay home. I'm on my way home... No! I'm on my way home... Yes. David Williams sucked out on me again."-Greg Raymer on the phone right after getting knocked out of the 2-7 event.
  9. I'm still not a believer. I sat there and watched a couple of his final tables during my breaks and it seemed like every hand he was in he came from behind. He'd call all-ins after a flop of paint with 66 and without fail, river a 6. Top pair with a raggy kicker and make 2 pair on the river. Every time he was in trouble he would catch something. People have gone on month-long rushes before. I wont be a believer until he wins a major later this year. I guess I'm a hater. whatever.
  10. QFTI had the honor of watching him win both bracelets and I'd have to say it's the first time I've ever seen somebody win every pot they entered. He is a holdem genius.SW
  11. It was a live MTT at Caesar's. But thanks for your input.
  12. Do you remember what table you were on when you got knocked out? I was locked in dealing for quite some time during this event. I'm sure I dealt to you.
  13. If you are a redneck, say this before calling any all-in bet. No matter what the situation, you will win. That's your tip of the day.
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