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  1. Ages ago, I went to Travel Agent School. It was a huge waste of money, but not time. I never got a job in the industry, which would have largey involved me whoring myself as a sales-person over the phone and/or booking calls as part of a call centre. In both cases, anyone with reasonable computer skills could have learned how to do those things without spending $3K for a 3-6 month course.That being said, I met some nice people and had fun.Spend time researching the true requirements at a place you'd like to work. Maybe even go to that place and approach HR to get more info and, perhaps, ararng
  2. "GBT is very conscious of the hopes it has created – among FTP employees that they will retain their jobs, among FTP players that they will recover their balances, and among the entire poker community that the world’s finest poker platform will be relaunched and bring a needed added element of competition to a world market that today is fully dominated by a single operator."Isn't this a little disingenuous? If GBT buys FT and already owns PS, where on earth is the "competition"? It would still be a single operator, but under two well known names.
  3. This world doesn't need a Dave Matthews clone.
  4. Nothing says "**** You" quite like all the game changing decisions of football/soccer officials, esp in the World Cup.
  5. ******* ***** ****** **** **** *** ***********************
  6. "I really shouldn't, but...<insert bullshit excuse/reason here>"
  7. I was reading that in seconds (44.08 seconds) the first time through...
  8. ****ing dummies. How can Alicia and Christina (who has much larger boobs than I gave her credit for) NOT think they would have a better chance with 5 instead of the 6 they are in? For all their logic talk of math and sticking with original alliances, they are just screwing themselves.And how do Lief and Tarzan NOT see how out they are?While I am biased towards Troyzan because he is clearly an underdog, he had it exactly right, imo.And the attitude on the women's side is laughable "Oh, Troyzan, you're such a jerk!" Give me a break. They just don't want their power balance shifted and each time
  9. I hear they sell special tasers for spiders. Well, not just spiders, but all arachnids, like scorpions. Some arachnids are too small, though, and they never made a tiny arachnid taser for tiny hands, but a modified electric lighter does the trick.
  10. They missed the marketing boat by not pairing the two as an ensemble collection.
  11. OhMyGodAlso, Kesler Tumble gifs
  12. In my mind and by the laws of physics, this actually should make the hit have more power.
  13. Torres is such a piece of chit. I have no particular love for the 'Hawks or Hossa, but that was just a completely BS hit and it was clear he elevated as he drove into the hit. What a fckwad.
  14. Me, too. Whether or not there is an injury and/or intent to injure isn't the real question. I think there is a big difference between a split lip or chin from a (fairly light) object and a 180 lb guy ramming you into the boards at speed and awkward angles.
  15. I hope this ends soon. Many parks in and aruond Toronto are full of brown people having BBQ's when the weather gets good. Could be a bloodbath...
  16. That Flyers-Pens series is a lot of fun to watch, esp as I have no specific allegiance to either team. I feel sorry for anyone with any of those goalies in a playoff pool
  17. "But I, for one, am not...And I'm having lunch with said judge tomorrow."
  18. I got stacked as a 4:1 fav, as usual lolCashed in the Big $11 for around $100, tho. Almost made up for it, if it weren't for the fact it took me 7 hours to get there.
  19. "The scandal — a black eye for the United States’ reputation abroad..." Hahahahhahahaaa...Black eye bitch slap! Pay up, cheap ass muthafukka!
  20. lol...it was a question, sort of. Forgive me for being unable to make sense of all the possible charges that can be laid for killing someone, not to mention the possible plea bargains. Your legal system is so corrupt and exploitable, it's ridiculous, though I suspect Canada's isn't that much better.
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