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  1. Signed up, but regardless of the result of the tourney, best of luck in the ME, Justin!
  2. Nice opportunity. Just curious as to whether or not Feltstars accepts Entropay deposits. Possibly not, as it didn't seem indicated in the scrolling bar (Visa, Instadebit, etc) and I already have an Entropay account. I'll look into other options, if need be.Gl in the ME regardless...
  3. Croatia did play better, but when you don't get the offside call (tho it wasn't according to expert analysis) on the 1st Croat goal, then you have Given making a decent save, only to have the ball bounce off his hands, off the post and in off his head, then you have the non-call on Keane in the box ...well, things looked worse than it was. Ire;and played decent, but lacked invention and were too often caught flat-footed by Modric et al. Not that I expected them to get out of the group stage, but disappointing.Russia looks super hot.The Spain- Italy match was quite entertaining, even though it
  4. That plant is almost attractive enough to make me want to stick my dick in there. Fortunately, I know better.I have seen uglier vaginas.
  5. Badlands (on TCM)Terrence Malick's first filmOK, this is a great starting point to "get" Malick. This movie was one of those cinematic revelations I have every now and then. For someone who had (according to his Wiki credits) hardly worked in film at all, this movie is so well executed and self-assured it blew my mind. The shot composition and visual narrative complemented the story and dialogue so well, albeit in an often abstract way, it made this movie on of the most complete films I have ever seen.This movie rightly deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Bonnie and Clyde (which fol
  6. Ask for payment in something other than cash, like 13K in marijuana or pharamceutical LSD. Insist on meeting in an open place and bring your chemist friend to test the merch. Show him a video of you parking the car in front of a frozen yogurt store, then show him the frozen yogurt container you just finished, along with the newspaper you were holding in the video. Give him the keys and the title and walk away, assuming the quality of the drugs is up to standards. Otherwise, ask for gold in oz form.
  7. The Ides of March = morality storyPretty well executed and reasonably written with good performances from a number of actors. Began to get predictable halfway through, as things spiraled out of control. The inter-relational (?) connections between the most affected characters ended up being a little too convenient. Still worth seeing for effective performances by Gosling, Clooney, Hoffman and Giamatti. Evan Rachel Ward makes a good sacrificial lamb.Michael Clayton was a better film.Oh, and screw MIB. The entire franchise. Can't believe people are actually analyzing it.
  8. I would totally Omar Little this game, mos def.
  9. Love the aggro c/r when the board paired on the first hand. I guess he read you as holding a high pair or trip 5's. Getting a guy to fold top two is tough. I doubt he'd fold J9, tho..2nd hand, you might want to let it pass from the "tilt" standpoint. No use getting deeply involved with a marginal holding even with position. Let someone else absorb his pain. Either fold pre or, if you really must open, fold to the 3 bet.
  10. OK, Vokoun is fine and a proven commodity, but let's see aout getting him for the same price the Caps got him
  11. Shia is laughing because your willie is wee and he's just about had it with people who use him as an ironic avatar. According to Twitter, he meant "ICONIC" not "ironic". Dumb can't hide behind a new forum name.
  12. With Scrivens playing the way he's been playing, maybe it's best to have both him and Reimer up and they can fight it out to see who the back up is. I honestly don't think goaltending is the biggest concern.
  13. Kessel to Flyers for Bryzgalov<snicker>
  14. Last week wasn't awful. Maybe you're preconditioned to expect lots of noise and stabbing. Blame Hollywood.
  15. I'm rooting for Ireland in the Euro 2012.And, yeah, would it be too much to ask for some reasonable attire at the TV tables? Next time Ivey shows up with open toe sandals and a popped collar golf shirt, I'm gonna blow!!!
  16. Time was when Europe's economy was on the downswing, they used to jumpstart it by hosting a World War. Old school wars don't happen any more, which is a shame. I blame nuclear armaments.
  17. Wtg, Gov! (rigged lol)Kat - Where did that come from? Shocked and impressed the hell out of me.Alicia - Wow...Special Ed for you, girlChelsea - Good speech but too little too late. You really didn't do muchKim - Congrats, nice job, but face it...you were up against a bunch of idiots and/or people who didn't have the balls to shake things up and take a riskLooking forward to Colton getting his face bashed in next season...
  18. I wish they wouldn't start the two day events on a Sunday...Maybe they do that for peole who don't actually have a job except to play poker...
  19. Tarzan is easily the ugliest woman left. Alicia is a close second, but her boobs redeem her. Barely.Awesome challenge with bikinis, oil sliding boob shots and a group of decent looking women.Every now and then, it seems like Kat eats a smart pill and says something that doesn't sound like a pouty 5 year old. Sorry to see Troyzan go. Alicia, you will soon find out where you stand in this tribe lol. That's two votes in a row you could have bettered your position, but you remain deluded.
  20. Go, Caps!!!Hendricks is one of those guys who will do anything for a team, like standing in front of the net getting pummelled by opponent's defense, chasing hard into corners and fighting whoever. Yet he also brings plenty of other qualities. Teams need players like him.
  21. Canucks need better defence, don't they?
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