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  1. She and Kat (from last season) should get together for a pyjama party


    Also, bye-bye, Roxy, another fine example of a Christian who would rather let animosity and the differences between people get in the way of what would normally be viewed as sound strategy. Instead, people voted her mouthy, self-righteous ass off. While she was kind of cute, the effect got spoiled every time she opened her mouth.


    Angie is nicer, has better boobs and is a cookie fan

  2. Do tourney regs prevent you from shooting the guy playing 64s in the face?


    The river 5 was salt in the wound, imo. It would be perfectly understandable in a court of law if you went ballistic and caved the guy's face in, just like Driver did to that guy in the elevator n Driven.


    Love a movie, live a movie.

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