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  1. I don't have a Paypal account. Does your bank not have e-transfer? Same kind of thing, really
  2. You weren't around, so it was superfluous to do so.
  3. OP is almost certainly the guy who 4 bet shoved on me with 64 suited preflop and won against my AA. Soul read imo
  4. Excellent opener for the season. Some are suggesintg Dexter is dreaming, but I am hoping he is not and this shit is truly going down.
  5. She and Kat (from last season) should get together for a pyjama party Also, bye-bye, Roxy, another fine example of a Christian who would rather let animosity and the differences between people get in the way of what would normally be viewed as sound strategy. Instead, people voted her mouthy, self-righteous ass off. While she was kind of cute, the effect got spoiled every time she opened her mouth. Angie is nicer, has better boobs and is a cookie fan
  6. the line for limos is over there, pal. Move it.
  7. The video for Knife (Grizzly Bear) reminds me of There Will Be Blood
  8. Way to go, Zane, you idiot. Nice job of overstrategizing.
  9. Perhaps it's a new trend at "The Marcus". Here's what seems to be a nice fit for the Lincoln cinemarati: http://www.avclub.com/articles/the-good-doctor,84412/
  10. Haven't seen very many eps, but it seems to me this show is about opening the rotten oyster that is human nature and examining it before eating it
  11. Boogie Nights will get another viewing from me, but my initial reaction to using the term "near-masterpiece" to describe it is, well, "meh...overrated". TWBB is pretty excellent, esp if you have a solid grounding in early 20th C American literature. I have a feeling The Master will be about the same calibre.
  12. Great article. I learned more from that one piece than all the other pundits running around spewing half-baked figures and pseudo-wisdom on how to "save the NHL".
  13. Do tourney regs prevent you from shooting the guy playing 64s in the face? The river 5 was salt in the wound, imo. It would be perfectly understandable in a court of law if you went ballistic and caved the guy's face in, just like Driver did to that guy in the elevator n Driven. Love a movie, live a movie.
  14. 1. Not going to drag 2. Tyrion has had more of a career getting shit on than getting acknowledged for his smarts. It's just the way respect works for half-men 3. How was that cabana boy?
  15. Poor use of apostrophes, but an even poorer sig quote, which displays a retard hand winning on behalf of the OP. That 85s is a real moneymaker, I'm sure...
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