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  1. Anyone have info on Vick12, aka Adam Beck? I haven't been on FCP in ever.. Does he still hang out here? Thanks in advance. Soup
  2. I completely agree with this statement... hindsight is 20/20, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Thanks!!
  3. I was playing very tight, i just wanted to pop it. I would have folded to a decent re-raise. If I played poorly, well than I played poorly. That's why I posted the hand, I wanted feedback and want to improve my thought process, and i thank you for your input However, given the fact that I did mix up my play would you have not called the extra 500 in position?Thanks again..
  4. I wouldn't raise here either, but i was playing very tight upfront and showing down those hands. The BB didn't re-raise enough, 500 into a 2000 pot. Plus i knew the SB would come along. The very small raise on the flop and the check on the turn i knew he didn't have the nuts. I figured him for a big pair or a big ace so i knew he was playing the board on the river. Another thing, this guy a few hands earlier call me on every street with 2nd pair, no draw. I made a big river bet, he called and said "nice try". I guess i had it out for him at this point and just wanted to hit.Thanks for t
  5. Opps, next time i'll leave the results off... thanks for the input.
  6. BB was raising often while in the late position or in the blinds. For the most part, i was playing pretty tag. He beat me in a pot earlier when i fired with 3rd pair on a scary board (he called every street with 2nd pair). I got the "nice try" message in the chat box. I figured i'll shake things up a little and get a tad aggressive. The way i see it (maybe i'm wrong, but i'm here to learn from feedback) his re-raise PF just wasn't enough for me to fold. Seemed like the right price and i had position. The small flop beat surprised me, he ALWAYS continue bets but not that small. Felt li
  7. 16 rontonsoup 198.96 $232.00 2 2 99.48 three-peat???
  8. back to back mixed tuesday wins.... go me!! Thanks for the game again everyone, see ya next week for a 3-peat.
  9. Bob, that was so funny I spit beer out of my nose.
  10. thanks for the game everyone. two years between victories...i forgot how much fun this games are. I'm going to try to play in all i can. GG everyone.
  11. i'm still interested in a trade if there are any willing. i'll swap the 11 bucks ft cash for stars cash but if anyone wants to swap 100 or so, i'm interested in adding some more.
  12. hmm, i haven't played in the open for well over a year. Anyone wanna some tilt cash for some stars cash?
  13. Their website is down too. Oh well, I guess I can get a jump start on drinking.
  14. WTF? please fine sir, explain ftmfl for me.
  15. No disagreement from me. I flat out just felt like playing them (my buzz convinced me, don't drink and play kids. it destroys bankrolls). I hadn't played garbage all night and had played with that player for most of the tourny. After all was said and done, I played it wrong.
  16. Out in 6th. AQsuited, flop AK9, he flipped over 99. Turn 6, river 6. Good game me, now i can walk to the bar. Cheers!!!
  17. rontonsoup, and thanks for the GL. It seems like i'm playing omaha, i'm seeing double.
  18. Full Tilt, drunk (12 molson XXX's) cheap tourny. I have the chip lead and I'm pretty sure I can find away to lose it . Should be a trainwreck. tournament #35321989
  19. She's hot, before and after. I don't know, I really dig the "i'm a dumb redneck going to prom" pic the best. Plus she looks extra slutty.
  20. The Reds are Dustys 3rd team as skipper. How's that a history of turning teams around? He had one GREAT season his 1st year winning over 100 games. It took him 4 years after that to win more than 68 games. He had some pretty good teams from 97 to 02 that I believe any avg MLB manager could have won with. Felipe Alou won over 100 games his 1st season with the Giants and 90 games the next. Dustys a big name manager due to his playing career and relationships with superstar players. The Reds wont turn it around till Junior's playing in the american league, Dunn gets traded for pitching and
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