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  1. i'm on the same page as the guy above as 8 8... flop a set, bet min on a made hand on turn and with your call, hope that you hit a flush on the river...
  2. Could it be that your bet on the flop looked like QQ, KK to him, and even though he might not have had the Ace, he knew you also didn't?
  3. you sound like someone that just started playing poker a couple of months ago...what happened to you sucks, but not surprising...get used to it
  4. thats not a suckout tho...it sucks...but a suckout is where all the money goes when you're the favorite, and you get rivered...
  5. great job daniel...i believe this is the just igniting your 2008, which will be a monstrous year! =D
  6. best of luck daniel and lori...i remember commenting like 6 months ago asking if daniel and lori were still together because he never mentioned her, and I got shot down by everyone
  7. yeah i didn't want to be too nosey...but given daniel makes his life very public through his blog, etc.. i'm happy for them =D
  8. I'm just curious if Daniel is still with Lori...just haven't heard about her or from her in awhile...The thought just came to me when Daniel posted his travelling schedule which seems pretty rigorous and I remember reading on a forum a couple weeks ago how Daniel wasn't wearing his ring in it...No disrespect intended towards his relationship by this post btw...
  9. She was peeved because she was one of the specialist's used for "Limit" holdem. Lets see her whine when the game is Omaha or NL.When will Beal ever use Omaha or NL........
  10. NM! i got it to work on image shack...here are the links!! enjoy =)its in order of sequence...so the straight flush first...then royal..then straight...=)http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/9707/26vz1.pnghttp://img145.imageshack.us/img145/2163/11gi.pnghttp://img143.imageshack.us/img143/4286/33ko.pngENJOY ALL! I didn't get paid too much, 2 of the 3 were in $2/4 and one was a tournament hand....haha i just realized the 2 cash game ones were when I was using Daniel's character...coincidence? hahah
  11. is there any way to post these screen shots for free somewhere??? image shack says $9.99 or something... i can't wait to show you guys too! =) lol i was just trying to explain how amazing this was to my gf...she was like good job...like i just did something ok... :?
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