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  1. Don't know you I'm stalking you and spying on you? ;-P j/kNah, but that is a bizarre coincidence. So, what do you think of the game?
  2. In one of Daniel's recent blogs he talks about playing Big Deuce (my friends and I usually call it Deuce's High) and he says there are a lot of Chinese over where he grew up and so it got me thinking. Does anyone know if Daniel knows how to play Mah Jongg? Come to think of it, are there any poker pros that play MJ?
  3. Well, I guess you guys are right. It may seem unclear. I did write "Where are you from", but then on top of the poll area I put "Where you at". It's really just open to interpretation. You can answer either way.
  4. I'm just curious as to see where most of us FCP'ers are located. My poll is divided into 3 parts, West Coast, East Coast, and Central. As you can see this poll only assume then that you are in North America, mainly US and Canada.
  5. I'm glad Daniel mentioned this is his blog."...that it's important for the young kids today to understand that poker, at it's highest levels, is a game that has may different variations. If they ever want to reach the true "Mecca," the true peak of being one of the best in the world, hold'em skills alone just won't cut it."Maybe that will get some of you guys to open up and try out some of the other games on FCP, especially Stud H/L, which I'm still trying to a table going.And for tournaments, didn't some of you read in Card Player Magazine Vol. 17 No. 12, where it says:"He [Daniel] thinks tha
  6. Hey, calbear. Yeah, I remember that chat. Both you and I were the first two to sit down. I think people just don't want to sit at a short handed table.
  7. How come there's like never anyone playing Stud H/L on FCP? Not even on the lowest limit? Why don't you guys want to play it? It's a fun game. Do you guys just not know how to play or something? Come on, give hold 'em a break once in while.I have even tried to get a table going by sitting there and waiting like 15 minutes alone before I leave.Other than by posting here, I don't know how else to generate interest.I bet the only way you guys would play it is if some pro was on the table. especially someone like Daniel. *sigh*
  8. Well, in all the local card room I frequent they allow that. Even if the oringal bettor only single bet, you can raise a double bet. It's also like that in every other online poker site I've played at so far. Must just be a programming thing, then.
  9. I was playing in a .50/1 Stud high only table and the board paired on 4th street.This gives my opponent (XX)AA, and I had (TT)77. He starts the action since he has the current high showing. I thought he would double bet and bet $1. He only bet $.50. I was thinking that's fine and I better push my two pair here and wanted to raise $1, but that option was not there. I was only able to raise $.50 Is that double bet for pair on board on 4th street not a standard for stud?
  10. Crap, as soon as I said that everyone left the ring game... Oh well, I turned my 16 dollars onto the table in 34.
  11. Specbrad, I just voted for Stud H/L, if that affects your vote. The ring game I'm on right now there is very good, too.
  12. If you're having trouble logging in with the download version, it might be because your have capitals in your password. Try it with all lower case.
  13. If I remember correctly, think it as as more along the lines of games like bridge or spades.
  14. I totally agree with how Daniel feels about how this is killing all the other poker games. I had a feeling this was going to happen eventually. First about a year ago, in one of my local cardrooms, they got rid of the Omaha tournaments. Then for a few months there were only Hold 'Em tournaments, both Limit and No Limit. About a month or two after that, they just made all their tournaments No Limit Texas Hold 'em. And at a different card room, they just got rid of all poker games altogether, except for Hold 'Em. Now the only way I get to play other games is when my friends get together and we p
  15. Was I dreaming it or did I read somewhere that Daniel is supposed to be in a commercial for some soda company? I thought I read it in one of his blogs a while back, but can't seem to find it. If he had to remove it for legal reason, I totally understand, but I just wanted to know if it was just all in my head. I even think I remember which brand it was, but I won't say it here, just in case.
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