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  1. Just a silly little website where you create little brutes and watch them fight. Then they gain weapons and abilities as they level up.http://kiddevastator.mybrute.comIf/When you do create a character, please use the above link to become my brute's pupil. It will help in leveling up.
  2. Yeah, I read that article last night while doing research about this. There was a link to it from a two plus two post. I couldn't find a date on it to see when the article was written. I just wanted to know when this whole thing started up. However, I just read from another thread that that side is like the online tabloid equivalent, so not sure how seriously to take it.
  3. Yeah, I actually, I have one of those. At the place where I apply for them, you can get your first one for free and your first deposit into it is free. All subsequent deposits at this location are $2.00 and it is also $1.00 per purchase without PIN and $2.00 per purchase when PIN required. I used to use the all-access cards when I feel like playing at UltimateBet. I don't like playing there, I only play there when the BadBeat Jackpot is big.Anyways, my card is empty and the store was closed (I assume) at the time I wanted to make a deposit to play on PokerStars last night. I guess I could go t
  4. So, I wanted to deposit money for the reload bonus on PokerStars, but it said eChecks are currently unavailable. Okay, no problem, I'll just wait and play somewhere else in the meantime.I go to Full Tilt and decide to make a deposit, since I cashed out everything their a few months ago said it is not able to process eChecks at this time.Is this a coincidence and if not, does anyone know what's going on?
  5. So, I wanted to deposit money for the reload bonus on PokerStars, but it said eChecks are currently unavailable. Okay, no problem, I'll just wait and play somewhere else in the meantime.I go to Full Tilt and decide to make a deposit, since I cashed out everything their a few months ago said it is not able to process eChecks at this time.Is this a coincidence and if not, does anyone know what's going on?-----Oops, wrong topic. I mean to put this in General Poker, not General Strategy. Please fix. Thanks.----Nevermind, just delete this post. I reposted it there.
  6. Below is an email I sent to support. Anyone else having same or similar issues?-----------------To whom it may concern:I just updated my software and then when I tried to log in with my credentials, the login window disappears. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a phishing scam or a virus. Also, when I have the client open the News window in the upper corner is blank. As well, the Help menu has News and My News grayed out.I tried to see if I can log on from another computer here at home and got the same thing. I am very nervous in case it is a scam or if my account got hacked. Please email m
  7. Are you just asking as a joke? I'm assuming so because of my stand against PayPal. I hate them so much. See why, go to http://www.nopaypal.com/forums/ Btw, yes I'm a victim.
  8. Yeah, this is just a shameless plug. But, anyways, as I mentioned in another thread I got an extra copy of Power Hold'em Strategy by Daniel Negreanu as an early Christmas gift. My friend knows I'm a huge Daniel fan but didn't know I already got this book before. So, I just put it on eBay.I figured you guys as General Poker Forum readers would want to try and get a good deal on this book.Here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120347258743As as now (12/15/08 10:25pm PST) it's only at $13.50 with about an hour or so to go, so if there's an FCPer that wants in on this pl
  9. Okay, put it this way. If I told two people to pick a card out of a deck and said the higher one (including suit raking) is the winner. Then whoever got the higher card definitely wins. But, let's just use a poker hand as an example. If two people are involved in a hand and player A actually has a better hand than player B, but player B (who let's just say has complete air) is sure he can take the pot from player A, because he believes he is confident player A will give up the pot. So, in that case you can take a pot even though you have an inferior hand. If one is more skilled to do so than a
  10. I think you would have been better off reraising preflop if you wanted to find out where you're at. You would have to use your own judgment as to how much though. Depends how that player was playing as well as how the tables was, ie. loose, tight, etc.
  11. Okay, so it looked like no one wanted to participate. So, I've put it on eBay. At least there people can see that I have an 100% rating. Please check it out at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120347258743
  12. Yeah, I might just try to get a trusted escrow party to have them hold the money and maybe open it up to more people for less money. Since, this doesn't seem to be too successful. If someone has a list of trusted sources, that would be very helpful. I just needed this to work a few time to build up trust and reliability, but it's too hard these days.
  13. Why are people so quick to not believe anyone? Yes, I understand this is based on an honor system but I swear to you, I'm being extremely honest here.
  14. In a random lottery, one has no ability to control the outcome of an event whatsoever. In a game of poker, some people may be better than others and can have an advantage.
  15. Yes, but then I run the risk of people not holding up their end of the bargain. I'd rather just be the only one responsible, rather than making sure everyone that cashed do their part. I also run the risk of a lot of people just taking the $1.50.I like the idea of trying to get it lower, but I need a more trustworthy system. I'm open to suggestions.
  16. Well, I would rather have a free tournament as well, but I'm not able to when using the Create Private Tournament option. $5.50 is the lowest I can set it at.
  17. Possibly in your state, if that is the case, then just don't play. There are no laws against it here.
  18. Yes, I'm already aware of the laws in this state. That's why I'm holding a poker contest for it.
  19. I swear to you this is on the up and up. It's a shame that people are so cynical nowadays. But, I understand, since people seem to get scammed a lot. However, I'm am being serious with this.
  20. Okay, so I got an extra copy of the book (my friend gave me an early Christmas gift knowing I was a big Daniel fan) and I decided instead of putting it on eBay or Amazon or whatever, I would have some fun and make a contest out of it.Now, because I live in California, it is illegal for me to hold a random lottery. So, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to have nine people give me $4 and one of them will get the book. I'm going to make a private online poker NLHE tournament on PokerStars ($5.50 since that's the minimum) and whoever gets first place will get the book. I will even pay for the
  21. No, I'm BronzeStar and I can register and play with 500 FPP. I've done it before at my status. My question is why do you have to be SilverStar to buy a ticket for the same Step in the FPP Store.
  22. So, I was browsing around the PokerStars FPP Store and saw that one of the items you can purchase is a $7.50 Step 1 ticket for 500 FPP, but you have to be at SilverStar status. Since I don't play much I usually am a BronzeStar, however, I can still just use 500 FPP and register into a Step 1 SNG. I'm confused, so what am I missing here?
  23. The very first hand of the tournament.I wish I limped. Came back and bit me in the end.PokerStars Game #21020565653: Tournament #112855621, $10.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2008/10/08 2:54:05 ETTable '112855621 1' 10-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: _Aer_Mingus_ (1500 in chips) Seat 2: WantYourNuts (1500 in chips) Seat 3: TheOchoMRE (1500 in chips) Seat 4: patho (1500 in chips) Seat 5: EddieFloripa (1500 in chips) Seat 6: upstage (1500 in chips) Seat 7: orchoon (1500 in chips) Seat 8: Icecool988 (1500 in chips) Seat 9: Landonfan (1500 in chips) Seat 10: Maniac733 (1500 in chip
  24. Are they gone? It's 1:57am on Sunday morning, and other SNG's are registering, but I don't see the double or nothing's anymore. Man, and I was getting good at them...Nevermind, I was in the multitable tab. Sorry
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