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  1. This video takes her well beyond poker hot.Meh, I guess imbedding isn't an option.
  2. Sigh Matt, so gross. It'll turn for sure.
  3. I'm pretty sure the Beal v Corp matches took place @ Wynn.
  4. AAsnake88


    Gin Gimlet>>>>Vodka GimletI think both are tasty tho.
  5. I think this post is simply saying that you want them separated for your own benefit. You're becoming the grumpy old live guy before your time.
  6. ty for the heads up. i might just take a ride up there, the play there is definitely the worst of all the fl cardrooms i've played in. the bbj will make it that much better.
  7. The comments in the tmz story are pretty interestinghttp://vvcap.net/db/YpysmFH0fDLBEuvxGQ7K.htp
  8. They deduct <$20 from your mgr (I'm not sure of the exact amount), effectively costing you about 4 bucks.
  9. AAsnake88

    Car Talk

    I'm not a big fan of 'luxury' sedans, but I like that. A lot.
  10. MM is used to abbreviate 'million'.Fifth option under 'measurements'
  11. AAsnake88

    The Moon

    somewhere in the stratosphere...
  12. I'd dip almost anything in Arby's sauce. Between that and Horseysauce Arby's has a lock on fast food condiments. fixed to end the controversyI need to ask for hot mustard next time i get mcnuggets, I tried twice some time ago and they gave me packets of yellow mustard both times. Maybe it's a regional thing and they don't serve it in FL.
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