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  1. Oh ok ty sounds good.Where is everybody??
  2. tyty, just in case tho I shipped. How much do u buy in for?
  3. I want in on this. Do you guys play $1 a point on Tiger Gaming then ship on FTP and Stars?
  4. lol dereeek had to link me to this thread, thats how often i'm on FCP these days but anyways thanks man
  5. i'm probbbb gonna be playing thisanyone want to make a prop bet?
  6. Thats why u should start playing sngs, you find yourself high fiving screen when the sb shoves into your bb when you have K5o.
  7. boooooooooomake an account on ftp so we can play some 22s
  8. As someone who used to post more than pretty much everyone daily but now can count on one hand how many posts i make per year here I'd just like to throw in my two cents. First off, FCP has been going downhill for a long time now. It's really not surprising to me that I don't see guys like Hoosh, Bk, Chucksty and others post that much if at all on FCP. At some point, staking threads become annoying. At some point, little inside jokes just aren't funny anymore. I don't mean to sound like omg the old fcp was so awesome and now it sucks because I'm sure a lot of people still enjoy reading the for
  9. I'm folding on the flop a huge % of the time just because you're gonna put yourself in death spots on later streets. As played, I snap the turn shove.
  10. Since I don't play the super turbos I won't comment on those hands. In this spot I'd say I open prob 80-85% and limp in the other 15-20%. It's too strong of a hand for a fold. The reason for limping though is to just to diversify your range so that you can't be pin pointed on a select number of hands. There are a lot of good regulars who whenever they limp in this spot will have small to medium pairs. Always. I think it's also important to be limping huge hands like AA, KK every once in a blue moon. Sc hands meh i guess, but they're gonna be reeeeally hard to play oop post flop. The point is,
  11. lol 6 max sng is a little different than 180 man sngi'm pretty sure i could win a 6 max sng blind within say 20 tries but it would take hundreds if not thousands to win a 180 man sng blind
  12. On a scale of 1-10, how depressed are you about the Dallas Cowboys this season? How often do you do it doggy-style?
  13. You have to have the correct mindset. The fact of the matter is, there are great tournament players out there who will not succeed over the long term because they cannot handle the enivitable swings. The people that you see consistently winning and playing day after day, month after month, and year after year are the people who have come to accept the variance in tournaments. They're the people who know that they might brick 30-40 tournaments in a row. They know that they might have a losing couple of months. Anyone can handle an upswing, but only the professionals can handle a downswing.
  14. I don't play the super turbos often but I think I shove.
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