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  1. While that might have been true in the past, I really don't agree any longer. The last updates have really brought PokerOffice up to the top again, i.e. moveable stats, faster, omaha support, etc. Might be because I've used PokerOffice for so long but I just think it's a lot easier to use and the presentation of everything is better.
  2. Don´t the "Catholic" think something in the style: 1. God2. Priests3. The rest of the humansAnd I don´t understand why the priets are above the rest of the humans?
  3. Absolute Poker is rigged, or they are at least not caring about the cheating that goes on in the higher limits. That's what most people seem to think anyway.
  4. I also prefer Poker Office. I'm pretty horrible when it comes to computers and PO just seemed to be easier to use so that what I went with.
  5. I'd be very surprised if he hasn't invested a couple of millions already.
  6. I would only wait if it's a fish that I play with a lot, if I know him personally or if I by a magical reason knew he would wait if I disconnected.
  7. I definitely think you should consider getting Poker Office. It's a lot easier to use IMO since it's got a more functional interface and has all the tools built in. Oh well, you should check it out, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  8. nah, she's likely to be busto and is now grinding it in the $2 SNG's.
  9. Those numbers are player stats from softwares such as Poker Office and Poker tracker; VPIP (voluntarily put money in the pot preflop %), PFR (preflop raise%) and Aggression factor. Poker Tracker and Poker Office are tracking softwares that stores all your played hands in a database.
  10. Eldiablo on twoplustwo said that most of his money comes from various investments and that he's got a bankroll of $45m. Not sure how much truth there is to that statement, but oh well.
  11. Poker Office shows odds, percentages, outs, etc. in the table overlay. I'm not sure if you're looking for a realtime software or one that you can look up situations in afterwards though. I think Cardplayer has an odds calculator on their website.
  12. I'm against it. I'm not at all against softwares like Poker Office and Poker Tracker though, since those softwares just shows you stats, but in the end you're the one who has to make the decisions. Why wouldn't a software that played for you postflop be allowed if a software that handled all the preflop decisions was? And if both were allowed, all the fishes would play with these new bots.
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