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  1. Wouldn't it be great to see him go broke?If he keeps playing the bigger games, and eventually starts playing the higher buy'in 25k+ tournaments, maybe he will. He's made most of his money from bad players. It's like a professional Tiger Woods playing on the High School circuit. Not that I'm comparing him to the likes of Tiger Woods. I'm just saying I doubt he'd have any game against consistently tougher competition--as we're seeing. He plays well against bad players.Eventually he'll be dependent on his outside investments; and as poker plateaus, and people get more and more annoyed with h
  2. I feel no sympathy for Gavin Griffin because only a true idiot/sucker would put himself in this situation. If you don't find this story funny, you have no sense of humor. If you don't have a modicum of admiration for the con artist kid, you're the kind of person that would fall for this scheme.I think it's a hilarious story that the poker community will be laughing about for a while.
  3. You're one of the good ones...LA hold'em babyyyyyy!
  4. in Foxwoods? LA pro who is very charitable with his staking tendencies... Stand up guy.
  5. This is really good poker radio. It either needs to go live online or go AM live like the Lakers broadcasts.
  6. "There were so many options for a team concept that would be totally void of any collusion. With 16 teams, you could have three heats where one member of the team plays in an event and is allotted points for their finish. You tally up the team's points and maybe the top 8 teams qualify for the finals. Then you could do a best 2 out of three heads up match. That's just one of thousands of clean ways to run an event like this. You simply CANNOT hold a team style tournament where two members of the same team are at the same table. It can't work, it won't work." (DN)A tag team style of play (th
  7. Matusow, Gavin Smith, and Huff have good radio voices and personalities.Joe Sebok has a terrible radio voice, and his personality is better suited for Blue's Clues.
  8. Good blog. Good content. Well-written.You should have walked out, but I suppose that would be supererogatory. The mere fact that you wrote about your dispappointment publicly is enough, primarily because I think every poker player in the world eventually reads your blog and respects what you have to say about poker.Again, you should have walked out, but good blog.
  9. So basically he doesn't like night shift hours? Or did he go rock bottom broke?Nurses, doctors, firemen, police officers, parademics, security guards, pilots, soldiers, operators, 9-11 operators, hospital clerks, etc. etc. etc.... are all so-called "high responsibility, be somewhere at a certain time" jobs that fall into the same night hours as a poker playing grinder.I support the getting a real job route as opposed to "choosing" to play poker for a living, but plenty of people have real "high responsibility" jobs, but don't work 9-5.Finally, he whines about wasting his time watching other
  10. Ahnold:Chad BrowneNeil Patrick Harris:Allen Cunningham:
  11. hahaahahhahahahahahhahahaYou guys are brilliant.
  12. May you have a speedy recovery, a future of great health, and may you run so well you'd think skill was not a factor.I applaud you for going out in public with your current situation as it may help other women poker players or fans in some way with the information you disclose. I am awed by your strength and courage in the face of this situation, and humbled by your heart for the game of poker in the face of such adversity.http://www.poker-babes.com/poker/games/
  13. Dead Prez (Wolves Lyrics/Let's Get Free Album)(Wolf Howls)I'm not a hunter but i am told,that, uh, in places like in the arctic,where indiginous people sometimes might, might, hunt a wolf,they'll take a double edged blade,and they'll put blood on the blade,and they'll melt the ice and stick the handle in the ice,so that only the blade is protruding,and that a wolf will smell the blood and wants to eat,and it will come and lick the blade trying to eat,and what happens is when the wolf licks the blade,of course, he cuts his tongue, and he bleeds,and he thinks he's really having a good thing,and
  14. Five star right?Good luck Steve. Run well bro. You deserve some big scores!GRJ
  15. hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahahahahhah You're just joking right? Please stop. I'm laughing so hard I fell out of my seat. Circular reasoning has no room in political discourse or religious polemic. "That's just well, true?" hahahahahahah "Thank you counselor, you may sit down now. What a lucid argument. I applaud your reasoning!" (sw)Go get a couple degrees so you sound more well-read and informed on the topics you posit opinions on, or just talk poker. By the way, some advice... video games, cable television and reality t.v. are not places where you are going to develop t
  16. Thanks for clearing this up. Couldn't sleep at nights thinking that you might not be the greatest living poker player in the universe. I'm thankful that the hierarchy that I worship is still intact:1. God 2. Jesus C (not F), and 3. Daniel Negreanu. phew. (sw)
  17. If he had any case at all, he'd be suing Party Poker, and not say a word on his blog about anything until trial or when a settlement is forced.Clearly he has no case against Party Poker, and his snivelling is just more reason why he'll never be respected as a poker player ever again.Now he's going public complaining about fairness because his attorney can't find a way to litigate this case.He's handling this issue, addressing the internet poker public like a four year old, displaying no true remorse whatsoever. Talking in circles, and never fully admitting moral culpability or guilt. If it
  18. I'm assuming ZJ already talked to a lawyer and all that, that's why he's so up front about everything right now. His apology is obligatory, but the poker community will never forgive him. This will forever be his claim to fame. He should be banned from big events for two or three years, and players should just stand up and leave when he sits down in a bigger live game.Just as Dutch Boyd will never live down the Poker Spot fiasco, Justin Bonano will forever be marked as a cheat. Bye bye potential endorsement deals. Bye bye lucrative poker life.Hello "Welcome to Mc Donald's, can I take you
  19. Is Tritz's program on that list of prohibited? http://www.pokerstars.com/prohibited_programs.html
  20. "mandatory"People who hate your blog continue to read read it because of a phenomenon called "it's so bad it's good". It's the same reason why people watch trash on t.v. Don't be so sensitive bro, you put yourself out there, you're going to face some backlash.Also, before you critique a kid for being puerile, you should learn how to spell beyond a junior high school level.Just defending your haters, don't take it personal Negreanu, you know I got nuthin', but love for ya.
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