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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h27hWSeVsAM...ted&search=
  2. All the future superstars post here, why bother going to that forum? Just buy a few of the books they have so you can understand this game better.I don't see Malmuth and Sklansky executing their theories too well. A physicist could study Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods in their respective games, map out all the mathematical theories of motion, etc., but never accomplish what they can and did accomplish in their careers.You can learn more here. Go to strat, follow the good players here and what they have to say. Listen to your guru, Negreanu, he talks too much and thinks he knows everything,
  3. Are you playing primarily on the internet in short stack, push or fold style tournaments with 12 minute to 15 minute blind increases?Doesn't matter in these tournaments, live or online, with that kind of structure, people don't pay attention. It's 80 percent pre-flop poker after the second break. Rebuy tournaments you can get more creative pre-rebuy/add-on period. Otherwise, the small ball, Negreanu, I'm Mr. Creative superstar player, who shows a side of a card, zero across, any two cards, oh I bluffed your *** because I can outplay you post-flop, won't apply as often as it might in a tourn
  4. Give them 7 business days. I got one guy on the phone, state to me, it'll take 7 business days for the micro-credits to hit.
  5. It's so sickening to listen to his circuit interview of late. He acts like his small ball play is revolutionary, or that he is the bottom line of poker. Nothing he says is new or revolutionary. Some young punk should shut this guy up. Please some young internet hot shot shut this guy up.He's running well right now, he forgets when you run bad, and now he's blabbity blibbity on and on... like he's god's gift to poker...
  6. He's running well; it won't last.Maybe god is the way to go.He's not the greatest tournament player in the world, but with god maybe he is. Don't get me wrong, I love him to death, but he's running so well right now, it's nauseating.
  7. Yeah, and this is Pham's first final table at a 10k event. Surely, he has no idea what he's doing, and a couple internet micro pros/professional railbirds, who have never played in a 10k event, must know better.sw
  8. Please recouch in terms of "higher power".For most of us the word "god" makes us cringe, but "higher power", I think we can all come to agreement on that term.And Negreanu, thank you for your candidness. We all support you, the world is going crazy, at least one person who is outspoken and out in the public eye has a head on his shoulders.
  9. You'll be back.Once a degenerate, always a degenerate. It's the only true constant in this game.
  10. Here are the links to Negreanu's Don't Be Such a Nit articles:http://www.fullcontactpoker.net/daniel/pok...amp;ucat=2&http://www.fullcontactpoker.net/daniel/pok...amp;ucat=2&
  12. Fall down ten times, get up eight.Patience will reward you my friend.
  13. Good. Maybe he'll bring some life into the show again.It's so remarkably dull nowadays.
  14. Better than the combover.No need to bic it on a daily basis, but keeping it tightly cropped from now on is better than what it was before.Good luck with your tournaments my brotha from anotha motha. Rip it up.
  15. Dim Makhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dim_Makhttp://www.martialdevelopment.com/blog/inv...ak-death-touch/
  16. Op, you got other issues here that have nothing to do with poker. I don't mean that facetiously.Poker is a red herring, a cop out. Build a backbone. In the immortal words of Vito Corleone, "You can act like a man!"http://thegodfathertrilogy.com/gf1/wav/actman.wav
  17. Happy new years you lovable degenerates!Run well this year, and I hope all your respective poker dreams come true.grj
  18. http://www.amazon.com/Small-Stakes-Hold-Wi...t/dp/1880685329Also, post strategy questions in the strategy section, you'l get better feedback there.
  19. RE: no limit hold 'em, 11mr's; rebuy immediately. Be prepared to rebuy 4-5 times at the least. Always add-on.Depends on your table to determine how to play in the early stages, during the rebuy period. Generally, you'll get 2 kinds of tables: 1. Crazy maniacs, all in or fold; 2. Normal playYou'll get maniacs who go all in every hand and keep rebuying until they build a stack, then they tighten up and play a normal game. At crazy tables, you play looser than normal or you'll get left in the dust if you just sit and wait for good hands--not necessarily all in blind, but close to that. At
  20. This crack is no good for you OP. Get some help. First step is admitting you are powerless.
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