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  1. Go straight to the source. Red highlighted sections in the New Testament.Leading a spiritual life is not complicated. You don't have to defend it to anyone. You either get it or you don't. You either keep your eyes and heart open or you don't. You either turn your will over to the care of God or you don't. Faith is not an intellectualizing act. It is what it is, much like God and Jesus Christ. Incidentally, Negreanu, you've probably already read this, but Richard Dawkin's God Delusion supports Jesus' ethical views from NT. God Delusion is a good read as well--ultimately it reinforces
  2. Damn Negreanu. I haven't posted in ages. You have certainly come a long way from that arrogant Richie Rich from two years ago when you were at the peak of your success and delusional about your place in this world. I have to say. This blog is the best poker blog I've read from you since your old school articles, from back in the day--the days when you were hungry.You just may have inspired a few people with that blog, buddy--beyond poker, in the game of life.
  3. fck NWP. Most of them are losers in life and in poker.
  4. A true inspiration.Chip, make sure it's poppin' when we get up there, don't front.R.I.P.
  5. Pechanga has a good 4/8 kill game. In fact on a good night, any game 4/8 and above is pretty juicy. Granted this is about a year ago. I still believe Pechanga is the best cardroom close to the border.
  6. Fact pattern? hahah. Been to law school much buddy?
  7. http://www.neverwinpoker.com/phpnuke/html/ftopict-37197.html
  8. Bro, you got a duty to set some of these kids straight. It dawned on me tonight, as I browsed some topics, that the kids that frequent these forums are babies, not poker-wise, but life-wise. Poker-wise, they are Doyle Brunsons (70 year olds with more poker knowledge than Chip and Doyle combined), life-wise they are staring out of the bars of a crib at the real world beyond, unable to fathom a normal life, relegated to gambler's codes and gambler's realities. You're pretty upfront about most issues, but when it comes to poker, and the gambler's life in general, I've noticed that you tend to
  9. Spend more time on your studies. I would not wish the poker life on my worst enemy.Beyond that, get a real job, you'll be more employable, and if you decide to go the degenerate route, full-time, at least you'll know a way to grind out a new bankroll without begging for money (which in the world of poker we call "staking or backing"). Focus on school, get a real job or a paid internship in your field of choice.
  10. Stop smoking crack. You'll be alright. Worry about it when you've collapsed this conditional statement: IF, then _____. Win the seat, worry later. Honestly they should raise the age requirements for poker and life management. Stay in your crib until you gain the requisite skills to put yourself out there.
  11. Give it up bro, online poker is dead.Get a real job, get a real career, then move to LA or Vegas.
  12. Merely, running well? hahahahahRiiiiiiight; he's obviously catching cards, but don't minimize his skills. He's probably the best no-limit hold'em tournament player on the market right now.We got a bunch of poker's version of Salieri on this forum.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Salieri
  13. guerilla marketing 101. Hellmuth is in the business of professional poker marketing, not professional poker playing. Phil Hellmuth is not a "professional poker player"; he's like a walking advertising billboard:. Negreanu, for all his marketing ploys, has managed to come out a legitimate poker player, and maintained his integrity through all of his success. Negreanu's blogs have always been consistently honest, and he puts himself out there whether we disagree with him or not. What we get with Negreanu is not a marketing team's agenda--we all know Negreanu would never succumb to that, and
  14. Phil Ivey-henio.Juan Carlos A: the Phil Ivey of Mexicans.You done good for your countrymen amigo in regard to the poker world. You're like the Selenas for poker mang.I mean. JC Tran still pwned your ***, but you've come a long way brotha.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg78-gEECfw
  16. Nutz, One thing I've learned from playing, and I think most successful live game players (live cash game players--grinders) have learned early in the grind is that you shouldn't take this game too seriously. When the money matters to you, you play sub-optimally. When you take yourself as a player too seriously, you will be "that guy" that ends up talking to himself about bad runs, or cold decks as if your son or daughter depended on it: nobody should play cards in that scenario. There is life outside of cards. I have stories about pathetic cardplayers, but I won't go into detail. You pr
  17. Alvarado, hands down.He's proven himself against good players.Bkice makes a living playing against donkeys.
  18. Good blog. However, fck Fantasy Hockey, win the tournament (I'm an NBA man).I love how Negreanu posted this blog at or around 4 am. Fckr has a lot of potential. I respect him more and more as the years pass by; he holds good hours.Good luck mang--more importantly for your fantasy hockey league and as a side point for the b101 tournament--at least get busted by someone who needs the money). take care
  19. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...showtopic=93440
  20. wow. good movie.If you view the entire movie as a metaphor for being short stacked or an underdog in any given event, then you will somehow thematicaly relate to this underground comic-book-style-movie-adapted battle movie. From a cinematic standpoint, barring further analysis, critics never read the Frank Miller graphic novel, nor do they understand a good, fictional, based-on-historical-facts, comic-book-style, underdog story well-told/done. The film is: shot for shot derived from images off the graphic novel, and deviates very little from the same. If you hate anything, you hate the g
  21. Wow, Negreanu is not doing a good job keeping this game alive. Lotta degenerates going to poker rehab these days.Poker needs a new face to reinspire burnt-out degenz. All this quit poker melodrama is depressing, and quite frankly bad for the game
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