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Happy New Year Rant!
Date Posted: 01/2/13

Just a quick hello before I fly off to Bahamas for the PCA 2013!

Daniel's Latest Video Blogs

Book Reviews and Other Stuff
Date Posted: 11/18/13

Review of 5 books I recently read along with the next 5 on my list. Also a look at how I organize my time and what I'm up to in November

First Card off the Deck Rule Rant
Date Posted: 09/20/13

Also touch on the no talking rule, stories of how I learned how to be a pro, sunglasses, cell phones, fun and friendly environments vs ridig prison guard/prisoner environments.

WSOP Wrap Rant
Date Posted: 07/21/13

Results, Rankings, GPI & TDA

Top 3 Reasons for my Recent Success - and WSOP Fantasy Stuff
Date Posted: 05/23/13

FCP Fantasy Pool, $25K Fantasy Pool

WSOP FT in Melbourne
Date Posted: 04/14/13

From my room at the Crown Metropol in Melbourne the night before I go for my 5th bracelet. Also covering Ivey's win, mixed games, and what makes a bracelet a bracelet- i.e. stop the hating haters!!

Proposition for Gus Hansen and Company
Date Posted: 02/27/13

A challenge to Gus and also a recap of the St.Jude's fundraising efforts!

$100k in 7 Days! Let's do this!
Date Posted: 02/10/13

My Fundraising Page: https://waystohelp.stjude.org/sjVPortal/public/displayUserPage.do?userId=938883&programId=901&eventId=351171

Date Posted: 01/23/13

Happy New Year Rant!
Date Posted: 01/2/13

Just a quick hello before I fly off to Bahamas for the PCA 2013!

Date Posted: 11/21/12

A story about integrity in the poker world, and a brief discussion on a shot clock in poker

Lederer Files Rant
Date Posted: 10/15/12

Post WSOP Rant
Date Posted: 08/6/12

The FTP Sale to PokerStars, WSOP Wrap Up, Homosexuality, Breaking Bad, Badminton Scandal, Ryan Young, etc

WSOP 2012
Date Posted: 06/20/12

Just checking in again

WSOP Event 2
Date Posted: 05/28/12

Weekly Rant - Fantasy Poker!
Date Posted: 05/23/12

Weekly Rant - Santa Monica
Date Posted: 05/16/12

Ballet flats, WSOP Fantasy talk, and a shout out to Jeffrey Pollack.

Weekly Rant - Goodbye Toronto
Date Posted: 05/10/12

Weekly Rant - Monte Carlo
Date Posted: 04/25/12

Weekly Video Blog covering all things poker and other things I'm in to.

Weekly Rant - Hello Ladies!
Date Posted: 04/17/12

Weekly Rant - Oh Danny Boy!
Date Posted: 04/11/12

Weekly vlog covering all sorts of poker related topics

Weekly Rant - Squashing Beefs
Date Posted: 04/4/12

Weekly Rant vlog covering all sorts of poker related topics as well as some other things I'm into.

Weekly Rant - BanHammer Gone Cray
Date Posted: 03/28/12

Weekly Rant vlog covering all sorts of poker related topics as well as some other things.

Weekly Rant - Iseries, Scotty Nguyen, and more
Date Posted: 03/21/12

Weekly Rant Vlog covering the new IseriesLive, ThreeSquare.org, Scotty Nguyen, and some fun with photoshop!

Weekly Rant - Bitar Statement, Pollack, Borrowing, Drink in Face, Etc.
Date Posted: 03/14/12

Weekly Rant Vlog covering Jeffrey Pollack, Ray Bitar Statement, Borrowing Etiquette, WPT Foundation, Adam Pliska, Girls Throwing Drinks, Drink off, Snaptress

Weekly Rant - Epic Poker, Reality TV, Dayana Mendoza
Date Posted: 03/7/12

Weekly Rant Vlog covering Epic Poker Fail, Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, and more...

Weekly Rant Commerce, More FTP Bashing, Detention Movie
Date Posted: 02/29/12

Weekly Rant by yours truly, covering loads of topics including Commerce Casino, Road Grub, FTP fiasco, and the new movie Detention.

Weekly Rant
Date Posted: 02/22/12

Vlog covering Brazil, Carnival, and a response to Doyle Brunsons blog

VBlog with some "Real Talk"
Date Posted: 02/15/12

Video Blog where I talk about Jason Somerville "coming out" and also have some words for Ray Bitar, Chris Ferguson, and Howard Lederer. And some other stuff