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Girl Selling her Virginity!

15 Jan 2009

So this girl, Natlie Dylan is 22 years old, relatively hot, and is also a virgin. In order to put herself through school she decided to do something rather unorthodox: auction off her virginitiy to the highest bidder! LOL, that is so bizarre and crazy to me when I heard it yesterday while working I instantly became fascinated by the story. Why? Well, because she's got an offer for $3.8 million! What is the obsession with a virgin anyway? It's kind of sick if you ask me, the idea that somehow sleeping with a virgin is some big deal. Is it worth that much money to be the first one to go there? Is it really the same kind of thing as being the first to visit an island that no man has ever been to before? Meh, if you ask me, that seems pretty nuts. If you are going to pay that kind of money, man, you'd think you'd prefer going to an expert instead of a rookie.

As for the girl, she's hooked up with that Bunny Ranch dude who has that show on HBO, the Cathouse. He's loving the publicity because Natalie has decided to do the deed at his ranch and he's also using the Ranch to accept "bids."

Now, she says she'll pick the guy too. Wants him to be "intelligent" and nice. I'm assuming he's going to have to be a WHOLE lot nicer and smarter if he comes up about a million short!

This whole thing is brilliant in so many ways, and slightly tragic in others. This girl, she's going to set herself up for life with just one night of random sex with an obviously weird dude. No chance a normal dude would pay that kind of money. It's brilliant, in that, this girl will be a prostitute for exactly one day and make more money than most prostitutes make in a lifetime. Plus, she gets to pick the guy! It's tragic, in that, whoever this guy is that is going to pay close to $4 million to sleep with a virgin has to be a nutcase. $4 million is alot of money and you'd have to think that there might be some charitable causes more important than him busting his nut in a 22 year old virgin!

I'll definitely see the movie when it comes out. Come on, you know there is going to be a movie. It'll go a little something like this, all based on the true story:

-22 year old girl saves up money for college
-her dad steals her money and disappears from her life
-she needs money, and fast, so she decides to sell her body for tuition
-she starts a website with pics, and the hits just go nuts
-it now becomes a frenzy when the media gets a hold of the story and the bids reach over the million dollar mark

-meanwhile, at school she meets a young handsome boy. Problem with him, he's a broke ass student that works overtime as a tutor (her tutor)
-he's sweet to her and doesn't judge her like the other kids in school do
-she starts e-mailing with her prospective sickos. This is where the movie could get really fun with the greasy old men she meets LOL
-she starts having second thoughts about doing it
-the boy at school tells her money isn't everything and she doesn't need to do it
-finally she decides not to go through with it after accepting the deposit from said sicko
-she tells sicko that she's changed her mind. Sicko doesn't like that.
-Sicko tries to rape her and get his money's worth.
-Dunt da da daaaa boy comes to the rescue and punches out sicko
-boy comforts girl, girl cries and hugs boy

I just came up with that on a whim, but imagine how twisted that real life movie could be? Hey, I'd watch it... oh and no, that is NOT the movie idea that I spoke to the guys about the other night. The movie idea I thought of about a year ago is like a cross between American Psycho, Thank You for Not Smoking, and an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry's mother dies. I'm not gonna share that one, but I think it's a great idea.


TV: I just finished watching Lost season 4 and it was so short, the writer strike caused that I assume. My next box set I'm unsure about. I hear Dexter is must see TV, but I have a few ollder box sets I haven't seen yet. Nip/Tuck's new season just started, as did Lost, but II'm not sure I like the idea of waiting week to week to see it. I have them on my Tivo along with the new 24 nonetheless. I might get into the L Word season one, I have a friend who said it's incredible. Or, I didn't see Rome season two yet and might go in that direction.
Television is just so good these days. Watching as much TV as I do, though, I rarely watch feature length films anymore.

Golf: As soon as I get back home the plan is to spend two solid weeks practicing and playing golf so I can get my game back to where it once was. Miraculously my putting doesn't seem to have been affected too much, but everything else has. Right now we are just working on hitting the ball, and not even concerned with power and having the ball land softer. Hopefully after a week or so I can start working on getting my power back a bit. It's a bit embarrasing how far I'm driving the ball right now.

Personal Trainer: On that note, I'm finally going to do it! Patty has set up a personal trainer for me to come to the house and work out three times a week. My goal is to work on golf specific muscles obviously, but also to be the strongest I've everr been by WSOP time. That won't take much, lol, I've never been strong... ever.

Blogging: I'm enjoying it! Now that I've cut back on some of the other things I do, I've found blogging enjoyable again so I'll keep doing it when I feel up to it. As you can see, it won't necessarily be poker blogging, but I'm sure I'll throw some poker in here too every once and a while.

$0.01-$0.02 Poker: Speaking of poker, winning $15 at $0.01-$0.02 takes a while, sheesh. I've played 556 hands and have won $4.61 so far. I guess it's going to take me about another 1000 hands to move up to the next level. By the way, you can always follow that yourself at Full Contact Poker in the Daniel's Blog section. Here is the link to the thread if you are curious: Updates

Oh, and if you are interested in seeing a pic of the virgin and read about the story, it won't be hard to find! I found it here: http://www.scandalist.com/2008-10-13/exclusive-girl-selling-her-virginity-will-get-up-to-38-million/