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At Another Final Table

23 Nov 2008

We must have played 7 handed for 4 hours, no joke. I've been deep in almost every tournament I've played since early September and I've noticed a major trend. While its still very easy to get deep into tournaments by using a basic small ball strategy, by the time you get past the money, the majority of the remaining players are small ballers- and they are good.

Back in 2004 few people had any clue at all how to play the deep stacked events. The re-raisers and blow up artists were many, but today, those players just don't get very far and all that's left for the most part are those players that play almost exactly how I teach people to play at www.pokervt.com.

It used to be much easier to trap those donkeys back then, but today's player is much tougher. This final table is also very tough and the structure for this event was the slowest for a $2500 buy in event in the history of poker. More play in this $2500 than even a 10k on the EPT. The staff is super good too- Canadian through and through and that's a really good thing.

They don't have inflated egos and are more than willing to take criticisms and make fixes to minor errors here and there. I saw this with my own eyes on several occasions and they just don't get offended at all. It was sooo refreshing! Especially after coming from Foxwoods and having this one floor guy basically tell me,"Listen, I know its the wrong ruling, but I don't care that's how I do it so shut up."

I got lucky on the last hand to get us to 6. I'm not going to add too much strategy discussion to this blog because I know these dudes are reading! The last hand went like this: cutoff makes it 200k with blinds at 30k-60k and a 6k ante. On the button I re-raise to 500k with AQ. The big blind tanks and moves in for a total of 670' with QQ. I call obviously and hit the Ace on the turn.

Lucky, but I'll take it. I'm second with close to 2.3 million in chips. While this event will be televised, as I mentioned previously, unfortunately it will not be covered online. Good night, back at it at noon.