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On the the $1500 NL Event

30 May 2008

So it looks like I've bet myself into another WSOP playing as many events as possible. Ivey was running around the room firing bracelet bets at everybody and got me for one also. We essentially bet on who would win the most bracelets this year, and each bracelet you win would earn you an extra 200k. If we both win one it's a wash, if he wins 3 and I win, for example, I'd be out $400,000. He also took a lot of action at 1.8 to 1 to win a bracelet.

He's still in the pot limit hold'em tournament, but I couldn't get anything going today. Couldn't hit a draw, didn't pick up many hands, and got rivered the few times I hit a flop with the best hand. It'll probably take me a couple of days to get in the groove, but hopefully the cards will be better tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the $1500 no limit hold'em tournament and they are going with two day ones. I have to play day 1A as I'm doing an appearance for Corum Sunday night. Sunday morning I plan on golfing since there is no event that day regardless. If I don't make it through day 1A that would mean I'll be playing Monday in the $5000 mixed hold'em event- another goof event for me.

The strategy adjustments for a $1500 NLH event are significant. Re-raising before the flop becomes a necessity and the typical small ball approach is much less effective, at least until you are able to get ahead of the pack in which case it is ideal. Avoiding coin flip situations entirely isn't an option and you need to approach it a bit more like a cash game where you just try to make +EV plays and hope to run good. It's not unusual to be eliminated from this event in the first two hours.

Today I was eliminated by David Benyamine in essentially back to back pots. The first pot was limped for 600, David limped in the cut off, and I limped on the button with Ah 3h- both blinds called. The flop was A-8-6 rainbow and David bet 1600- I called.
The turn was a 7, David checked and I checked behind him. The river was a Queen and David bet 5000. I didn't think David would check two pair or a set on the turn, so all I could put him on that beat me was a hand like Q-8 or 9-10 looking for the check-raise. I also felt like, since I showed weakness, he may try to bluff the pot with a hand like K-6. I called the 5000 and he showed 9-10.

Then later on his button he made it 1200 to go, and I moved in for like 4400 with Ac 3c from the small blind. David called with K-10 and flopped a King. Next.

After the tournament I headed back to my house and hit some balls. I chipped in my backyard for a bit before heading upstairs to use the simulator. Good way to release tension, that's for sure.

I turned on the TV and randomly watched the National Spelling Bee. That's one of the funniest shows on television! I'm hooked.

The plan is to get to bed a bit later tonight, around 1:00am and try to get up closer to 10:00am in preparation for the long WSOP days. If things don't go well tomorrow I will probably head to Summerlin and maybe play nine holes. Hopefully I won't have to worry about that.