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Life is So Good!

05 May 2008

Everything seems to be going really well for me so far this month. Without question, a major burden on my shoulders was finishing the book in time to be released during the WSOP and once I heard, "We are going to the printing press" I felt 15 pounds lighter.

The other major project I've worked on for the last year, PokerVT, is also set to launch and my job for the launch is also done. I'm still doing some videos when I have spare time, but there is nothing pressing that needs my attention and that makes me feel an additional 10 pounds lighter.

Food wise, I've never eaten better in my life! I'm a vegan anyway, which means my diet isn't going to be bad in comparison to most anyway, but since Monte Carlo I've been watching my carbs, taking vitamins, and making sure that I'm eating lots of vegetables, nuts, and beans and making sure I'm getting loads of protein.

Right before writing this blog I was actually working the Bowflex and feeling the burn. There was this one slogan for a gym, can't remember the name of it, but it went something like, "No one ever says, man, I wish I didn't go to the gym today," or something like that. Feels so good even though the results don't show for quite a while.

I feel like I have so much free time now, it's kind of strange really. I've been filling up that time in two ways: Golf and online poker. Golf during the day and online poker at night.

Today I played with Ivey over at TPC Summerlin and I shot pretty good. In fact, I hit the longest drive I've ever hit on hole number 10. A heavy wind was at our back, and when the ball stopped rolling... 278 yards! It's not a legit 278, of course, but I was so excited to measure the shot with my SkyCaddie hoping to break my record from the previous round of 252 yards. Buying that Ping G-10 9 degree loft was the best purchase I've made, and it was based on my opinion rather than countless other golfers, and even golf pros who tell me, "You need this club, or that club. The lower loft won't help you, blah, blah, blah." I'm so much happier making decisions for myself and feel like I know my game pretty well at this point.

The World Series of Golf is coming up in a little bit and I may play this year, although I really don't stand a chance and will probably be the worst golfer in the field. We'll see...

As for online poker, I have been sitting in the $500-$1000 HORSE game but haven't gotten any takers. Instead, the $200-$400 game has been going pretty strong and my edge in that game is really big. I thought the $200-$400 limit hold'em games were juicy, but the $200-$400 HORSE games have been super soft lately. So many clear mistakes being made in all of the games. Outside of Barry Greenstien, I've yet to run into a player that doesn't have a weak game.

This guy Stinger, a guy I've played no limit hold'em with in the past said that he might be willing to play me a head up game for $100k in $100-$200 no limit hold'em, as well as a $100k freeze out in $500-$1000 HORSE. I've never seen him play HORSE before, but doubt that he'd be able to beat me at that game. Hold'em is a different story since it's his "bread and butter" game.

It's not an ego thing for me at all, I just wanna play! I don't mind playing $200-$400 really, but would rather play a little higher so if that means I have to give some action in no limit hold'em online, then that's what I'll do.

I love May. Greatest month of the year, man, seriously. You can look forward to the WSOP, in the meantime, the weather is great and the golf action usually heats up too.

Tomorrow TPC Summerlin is closed (they close Mondays for maintenance) so we are going to go play at Spanish Trail which offers a different type of challenge for me. More side hill lies in the fairways, and also, the rough is pretty serious. At Summerlin the rough isn't a penalty at all, but at Spanish Trail they let the grass grow out so keeping the ball in the fairway is a must.

I still have no official plans to take a trip before the WSOP, but I am hoping that I can make it out to the LAPT event in Costa Rica in late May. I'll know soon, and I'll let everyone know as soon as I find out. Ciao for now.