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Hanging with Boomer

05 Jan 2008

Had a good time last night at the welcome party. Met a bunch of the guys that I play online with at Stars which was a lot of fun. Then I was asked to give some pointers to David Wells and Dave "The Hammer' Schultz. After that we hung out talking in the poker room for a while before heading into the casino bar for the rest of the night.

I'd have to say that David Wells is probably the most "real" guy I've met in a long time, in terms of people in the public eye. He tells it like it is, and I find that to be an admirable quality in people. He also isn't full of himself at all, a great baseball player but more importantly he's socially aware and just "gets it."

He's playing in the poker tournament today and I just checked the PokerStars blog and it looks like he doubled up already, sweet! Anyway, I hung out with him and his wife till pretty late before she went to bed. We hung for a while longer and talked about a wide variety of subjects including the "old days" when the Toronto Blue Jays were one of the greatest teams ever assembled Do you think you'll ever see a time where one team boasts the top three players in the league in terms of batting average? That's what that team did with Olerud, Alomar, and Molitor, what a sick team that was...


Today I'm taking it easy and recovering from last night so that I'll be ready for tomorrow. The weather is actually much better now, mid 70's and the wind isn't as bad as it has been. I'm here with my two cousins and they are enjoying the sun while I sit in my room and veg. At 7:00pm tonight I have a dinner scheduled with some winners from Stars. We'll do dinner and a little strategy pep talk. This is going to be a tough tournament to win, the biggest tournament outside of the WSOP ever in terms of $10k buy in events. Over 1000 players and maybe closer to 1200, wow.

I feel ready. A little tired today but my schedule should be perfect for tomorrow with a 10:00am wake up, some stretching, and hopefully a decent breakfast too. I'll check back with you guys at the end of the night and give you a little recap of my day, in the meantime, back to vegging and sweating the World Junior Hockey Championships: Canada and Sweden in the gold medal game, GO CANADA!!!