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Blogginí at the Airport

03 Jan 2008

5:00am here in Vegas and I just logged off PokerStars after an 80 hand session. Iím ahead of schedule for my SuperNova goal. Iíd like to get 500 VPPís a day and Iím up to about 2000 already. Itís so much easier to get them now that Iíve switched to the $100-$200 6 max limit game instead of the $25-$50 no limit game. More hands, and more action too. Iím also doing much better since I switched too.

Iím looking forward to the trip, itís been a long time since Iíve been on the road (relatively speaking). I wonít be going to Australia as I plan on staying in the Bahamas for the duration. If I happen to bust Iíll make a vacation of it, and now that my back is totally healed Iíll likely get some golf in, brought my clubsÖ

As for the tournament, Iíll be interested to see the structure. I should probably already know it, but I donít. The structure usually has a significant impact on my approach to the event, the faster the structure, the worse for ďmy approach.Ē

Oh man, we boarding.. .gotta run.