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Day 3 Works out in the end

16 Dec 2007

This is going to have to be a light blog since it's late. I have broken several of my rules in regards to tournament play coming into the event and tonight I did the same which means I need to get some sleep. My best buddies from high school are in town and have never seen my new place or my new "toy" the golf simulator. They just left so I figured I'd give you a quick run down on the days action. If you want the extended run down go to www.fullcontactpoker.com and go to the Forums. Once there click on the General Forum and you should find the thread with updates.

As for the tournament, right off the bat I lost 120k of my 265k starting stack gambling on a straight draw that missed. I was getting the right price but the investment was too large to justify my call pre-flop and on the flop. A mistake, in my opinion, albeit a small one. For most of the day I was forced to play the waiting game on a sub par stack until the right situation arose.

In the meantime, I spent the day focusing my energy on getting to know the players that I perceived to be threats at the table. The guy I focused on most just so happens to be the chip leader at the moment. He is a very good player who mixes up his play so I felt it was super important to pick up some things on him. It worked. We didn't play a pot together but I picked up a bundle of information on him that might just come in handy tomorrow or at the final table. Obviously I'm not going to share it here in case he reads this, but if we meet again I'll feel a lot more comfortable against him knowing what I now know. The way he's playing I think he's a very good bet to make the final table and I look forward to possibly running into him there. Kid's name is Jordan Rich I believe, an internet player who doesn't play like one. He plays more like Kirk Morrison, Amir Vahedi, "me", and some of the better live tournament players out there... very impressive, but... oh never mind, I just can't say anymore.

As I said, it's going to have to be a short blog tonight as I need to get some zzz's. There is more to share from the day but I need to sleep. If you want to rail me again tomorrow you can check out my text updates in the General Forum at www.fullcontactpoker.com. Or, as I mentioned previously, if you want a run down of my day 3 you can check that same place for my text updates from today. Good night all...