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Comedy Festival in Vegas

20 Nov 2007

Comedy Festival in Vegas

As I did a year earlier I agreed to help with the charity poker tournament at Pure. Much of the same crew as last year with a few new faces including Jamie Kennedy. I had a good time at the event, it was a fast paced structure so when I was helping people in the quick tutorial I made sure to explain to them that they’d need to go all in if they got a hand they liked. Most listened and learned quite a bit in a short period of time.

While there I got to talking to Jamie a little bit, helping him win his table (shootout format), etc. and he invited me out to his show later that night. So I called up my buddy and we saw the show which was way, way, funnier than I expected.

After the show we hung out for a little bit before calling it a night. We had plans for Saturday night also. I’ve seen Seinfeld at Foxwoods as well as at the Festival last year, but this year I got a chance to see Chris Rock. We got some awesome seats about five rows from the front.

Before going to the show I, of course, headed to the golf course to hit a few balls. I’m working on a few new things and my scores have been either very good or very bad depending on the day. I’m hoping it just takes me some time to get comfortable.

The plan was to have dinner at Alize at the Palms, a fancy shmancy steak house at the top of the hotel. It was me and my “crew” if you will, Sam Tyson, and his girlfriend, Ted, and his expecting wife Mille. I’ve seen my buddies a lot lately, pretty much everyday for golf, dinner, pool, and Wii bowling either at Ted’s or my place. More so at Ted’s recently because we had some house guests for the week and they had kids. My friends are great guys, but having them over when there were kids running around just didn’t seem right. After a few too many Crown Reserve’s on the rocks, Sam gets louder… and louder… and louder still. Plus he doesn’t hasn’t have the best PG filter, if you know what I mean.

So anyway, we get to dinner and I try ordering a beer,

“Got Heineken Light?”
“No. “
“I’ll just take a Heineken then.”
“No Heineken either, but we have beer that tastes kind of like Heineken?”
“Forget, what else you got, how about a Corona?”
“No we have random beer #1, we have Bass, Amstel Light, etc.”
“So you have no beer I want, how about a glass of wine. You have Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio?”
“No, sorry.”

I finally found the wine dude and order a bottle of Caymus which worked out well. After getting seated we waited a good 10-15 minutes before they bothered to bring us a menu. Bringing me one is kind of pointless because there probably wouldn’t be anything on there for me. Usually when I go to a fancy shmancy play the chef will whip something up for me and it’s usually really good.

Not here, wow, are you serious? I tell the waitress to have the chef whip me up something and the lazy dude brings me a couple lettuce leaves, three pieces of asparagus and a freakin’ carrot! Whatever, I was starving but got stiffed on dinner. I didn’t look to see what they charged me, but I’ll be it was ridiculous considering my order. All in all, Alize get s a bit fat “Never again” from me.

Now it was show time. Our “meal” took over 90 minutes to get to us so that had us rushing over to Caesar’s to make it for 11:00pm. We got there in time, and for the next 90 minutes or so, my stomach was just in full fledged pain. Not from a lack of food, not from the wine, but from Chris Rock making me laugh for 90 straight minutes without stopping. He was unbelievably funny and the show was a total blast.

He didn’t disappoint at all, covering lots of topics from politics to race. I love racial humor and always will and Chris Rock is a master of making light of our differences in a way that makes you go, “That is so true!” I could tell you a few of his jokes, but I would just screw them up and I’d hate to butcher his jokes publicly. If you were at the show or heard about it, he did one skit about white people using the N-word, and it was off the charts funny. Without spoiling the joke in case you ever get to hear it, on Christmas ever between 4:16pm and 4:28pm under the pre-required circumstances, it’s totally ok for a white dude to use that word. I’m literally laughing out loud right now just thinking about it… no, no, can’t ruin it for you guys, I’ll stop now.


What’s next: a trip to Toronto for the 95th Grey Cup game. I’ll also be playing in a special tournament hosted by PokerStars and doing some other things while there. I’m looking forward to the trip. I should be there for five days.

In the meantime, tomorrow is our last day of golf until I leave for Toronto so I’m hoping to make it a good round to leave on.

On a totally unrelated note, the next blog I write is going to be very different than anything I’ve ever written before. I considered writing it now, but I wanted to give it some time so I can really think about what it is I’m saying and what the best way to say it is. It’s kind of a good news/bad news blog in a sense, although I prefer to see it as a very good thing and a positive step in my life. I’d explain further but the only way to do that would be to just write the blog now and I’m not going to do that.

As for when the blog will be written? It’ll probably happen within the week.