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World Cup of Poker

03 Sep 2007

Since being eliminated from the tournament Kirk Morrison and I have played golf at some of the different courses here in Barcelona. Macia Bach, a course designed by Jose Marie Olazabel was our first stop and it was just gorgeous. The weather here is like, well, how do you put it, slightly perfect with an overcast of perfect for the entire day. The course was tough but extremely beautiful. It was especially tough on Kirk as he hits it a long way, but hitting it straight? He’s not really into that. Couple that with a horrendous short game and it equals Euro’s for Negreanu! Seriously, if we got to the green with me one shot behind him it was as though he just had no chance. I have been chipping and putting extremely well this week and that’s where my edge against him lies, despite the fact that he hits it a mile longer than me off the tee.

We also played a Beach course where he convinced me to play a set of tees behind the forward tees. Big surprise, he won that day. So on our last day, I took him to a tiny practice facility that had a pitch and putt course… can you say, drawing dead? He didn’t win a hole until #11 and only tied two of the first 10 holes. It was creepy, I made every putt and he was laughable around the greens- advantage Negreanu.

It was really fun golfing here and trying to figure out the yardage. In Spain they use meters so Kirk was trying to help me gauge the yardage by telling me that a meter was 2.5 yards. I knew he was way wrong, but we were playing 100 Euro a hole so I wasn’t about to tell him, lol.

After the pitch and putt we had lunch on the beach and had a few serve seas and some vino. After that we chilled out on the beach and it was there that I heard the song of the next hit single that will sweep the world.

There were Pakistani guys on the beach with coolers and they would chant the following, “Cooooooola, Penta, Serveeeesa, Aguaaaaaaa….. Cooooola, Penta, Serveeesa, Aguaaaa….” Another guy had his own version that was hilarious but you had to hear it I guess, “Cooooola, Penta, Serveeeesa…. COLD BEER.” Absolute funniest jingle I’ve ever heard in my life and I can’t get it out of my head now.


Today I did some shopping at my new favorite store called, “Pull and Bear.” That’s the same place I went last time and was amazed at how cheap the clothes were. The first time I spent 127 Euro and today I spent another 135. These clothes would have easily cost me$800 to $900 in the U.S.


Is it me or is the U.S. way, way, behind when it comes to implementing methods of energy conversation? Both in the Philippines and here in Barcelona you have those toilets with two flushing options. One for a “#2 flush” and then there is a less aggressive flushing option for a #1. Plus, they have motion sensing lighting in most public bathrooms and in the hotel rooms, the power in your room shuts off completely when you leave the room. Your room key goes in a slot that controls all of the power in the room, and when you take the key out, everything shuts off.
In the city here in Barcelona they have these bike stations. Essentially you get this card and swipe it over the scanner and you can borrow a bicycle to ride wherever you need to go. When you are done with the bike, you simply drop it off at one of the many bike stations around downtown. I thought it was a really cool idea.


I’ve known about the $10,000 buy in High Stakes Showdown on PokerStars for quite some time now, but this was the first week I had the chance to play in it. They usually get about 8 entries for 10k a man and you play three heads up matches to win it all. Well, as I’m learning to play online poker again I’ve decided to try a little harder and take it more seriously. I think I played pretty well in all three of my matches and I went on to win the tournament and $50,000. I’m going to try and play it again next Sunday as I love the concept and thought it was a lot of fun. It was also funny reading a lot of the observer chat. Seems that every railbird there is the greatest player in the world and could crush me and the guys I was playing.


The World Cup of Poker starts tomorrow and I’m really excited about it despite the fact that I am seriously torn. I’m a celebrity player for team Canada, but also in the final is team Romania. I feel just as much Romanian as I do Canadian so it’s going to be a little awkward for me. Here’s hoping for a Canada Romania final. I met the guys from the Romanian team and they seemed like really cool people and I wish them well.

Having said that, I think the Canadian team from Newfoundland is pretty strong and I would almost be willing to guarantee a top four finish, but you never know. Tonight is dinner and a little meeting for each team. I have a very specific strategy for this event that I’d like to share with my new teammates. If they listen well, we’ll be there in the end.

For more information on the World Cup of Poker you can find it at the PokerStars site.

Anyway, time to shower and head downstairs.