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Bellagio Tournament, A Quickie

17 Dec 2006

If you didn't read the last blog, do it now. Right now, it's a good one.

Anyway, two days booked and I'm at my goal. My target goal to end day 1 was 80,000 and I finished with 71,850. My goal for day 2 was to get to 200,000, and while I spend most of the day with 50,000 I recieved an early Christmas present and am now at 203,500. About 140 players left I think, top 100 get paid.

Some stats:

Pre-flop re-raised through day two: 1 (Guess what I had???) AA of course. I was out of position in the blinds so I had to go after the dead money.

Bluff Attempts: 6
Successful Bluffs: 3

Now when I say bluffs, these weren't real bluffs. They were more like, raise with 5s 6s, big blind call. Flop A-Q-J, he checks, I bet small. I have yet to attempt any significant bluffs yet.

The gift: Player raises to 6,000 and I call with AA in the cut off seat- Hoff calls from SB. Flop 9h 6d 4h. Raiser bets 12,000. I raise to 28,000, Hoff folds. Raiser says, "Looks like one of your junk flops Danny, did you hit one on me."

He thinks a little longer before going all in. I call the 74,100 raise. He turns over... A Q with no heart. So I doubled up as a 99.7% favorite. I'm ok with that.

To end the night I played a pot with Hashem. He made it 5500 and I called with KK. The flop was K-Q-2 rainbow. Joe bet 10,000 I called. Turn 10. Joe checked, I bet 10,000 he called. He then checked in the dark. The river was the Ad bringing a back door flush draw as well. I checked, and lost to Joe's QJ.

Another similar hand. I raised with KQ, Hoff called and Ming called from the BB. Flop Kc-8h-8s rainbow. Ming checked, I checked, Bobby bet the pot. Ming folded, I called. Turn 6h, I checked, he checked. River 9h. I checked, Bobby bet half the pot. I called and lost to a straight flush.

That's the kind of gambling I've been doing and I'm ok with it. I don't mind giving free cards against long shot draws, meanwhile, looking to pick off bluffs, while at the same time minimizing my losses when I'm beat.

Losing those hands doesn't bother me at all. I'm back to playing optimal deep stack poker and am confident right now it's hard to put into words. My game right now is rock solid and I'm going to be really tough to beat.

I'll be adjusting to my table tomorrow, but my overall mind set will be similar to the way it's been the past two days. I'm going to continue to look for others to blow...