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In Toronto until Oct 3rd

01 Oct 2006

Hockey draft is now over and I'm excited about the new season. My plan going into the draft was to bolster my defense and I did that. What I didn't expect at all was to come out with top end goaltenders. Each team in our league gets three sets of goalies and I got three great goalies really cheap: NY Rangers, San Jose, and Vancouver (now with Luongo).

I'm pretty stoked about my team and am confident that I have a team worthy of the playoffs.

After the draft I hung out at Darrell's place to meet some of his friends as there was probably 30 people there playing poker and such.

I was pretty exhausted. I didn't fly in until about 11:00pm the night before and stayed up all night talking to Darrell. Maybe, and I mean maybe an hour and a half of sleep is what I got before it was time for the draft to begin.

I stayed as long as I could until I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. My buddy Tony drove me to my mother's place and I crashed immediately.

When I woke up it was time to sweat the football games. I am in a fantasy football pool and am also a Bills fan so I tuned into the Buffalo/Minnesota game. I have Mcgahee on my fantasy roster.

I started the season 0-2 after losing two brutal games to open the season. Last week I was able to pull out a win and have a game against Gavin Smith's 0-3 squad this weekend.

I have Shockey and Burress on my roster, but couldn't use them since it's a bye week. I picked up TE Eric Johnson, SF. to replace Shockey and went with my back-up WR Chris Henry, Cin. also. When I woke up, I read reports that Henry wouldn't play, so I made a last minute pick up and put WR Troy Brown, NE. in the lineup. Of course, Belichek decided to put him out there at cornerback... nice.

Here is where we stand going into the Monday Night game:

Cheap Thieves (My Team) 1-2

QB: Dante Culpepper, Mia. 11.53
RB: Brian Westbrook, Phi (Home to Green Bay Monday Night)
RB: Willis Mcgahee, Buf. 9.82
WR: Anquin Boldin, Ari. 4.10
WR: Troy Brown, NE. 0.00
WR: Chris Chambers, Mia. 9.46
TE: Eric Johnson, SF, 2.20
K: Josh Brown, Sea. 6.00
DEF: Philadephia (Home to Green Bay Monday Night)

Total 43.11

GavMasterJam (Gavin's Team) 0-3

QB: Carson Palmer, Cin. 1.44
RB: Warrick Dunn, Atl. 3.20
RB: Julius Jones, Dal 10.88
WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Ari. 5.00
WR: Chad Johnson, Cin. 6.20
WR: Eric Moulds, Hou. 5.80
TE: Dallas Clark, Dal. 1.70
K: Matt Stover, Bal. 2.00
DEF: Dallas 16.00

Total 52.22

I'm in great shape and am a huge favorite to win. I need a total of 9.12 points to win and have Westbrook going for me as well as the Philly defense. If I lose this one, I'll blow my lid.


Tonight, the plan is to stay up most of the night and write. First off, I need to write a column for my syndicated newspaper column (if you want it, checkout www.cardsharkmedia.com), and then I need to spend the rest of my time working away at my book. I'm trying to reach a deadline and it's going to take a lot of work if I'm going to make it. So on that note...

Oh wait, before I go, tomorrow I'll be on Off the Record with Michael Landsberg and then also on the Fan 590 with Bob McCown.