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E-DOG Wins and Gongaza alum eats 60 pieces of Sushi!

10 Apr 2006

Erick crushed a tournament at Bellagio today winning over $250,000 leading the tournament most of the way. Always happy to see my good friends do well, I joined him and some friends at Kona Grill for some Sushi and Saki.

By the end of dinner, Adam, a young, spunky, all around fun guy decided to accept a free roll offer from Erick. We are talking about a young college kid here that could really use an extra $500.

Well, after already eating a full course meal including edamame, Miso Soup, and a full plate of ribs, Erick offered Adam $500 to finish off all of the uneaten Sushi.

There had to be like 60 pieces of random sushi left including anything from yellow tail, brown tail, eel, disgusting orange thing, tuna, fish gut, and all kinds of other nasty things I'd never dream of putting in my mouth.

Now this kid is relatively skinny. Probably about 5' 10" and maybe 155 lbs, nobody in the room thought he could possibly do it.

He starts chomping away at the sushi and before we knew it he downed 20 pieces of random, raw fish.

All of a sudden the rest of the people in the Kona Grill were on to what was going on and started coaxing Adam to eat more.

He looked like he was dying, but he kept on going. Of course Erick, evil man that he is, kept saying things like, "That fish is pretty squishy huh? Kind of like Mayonnaise and peanut butter smeared over dead rat huh?" Erick would say anything he could in the hopes that it would trigger Adam to puke.

Adam kept going, though, and he saved my veggie rolls for the very end. Erick continued to press him, playing the game, "Deal or No Deal" upping the offer to settle after each and every sushi roll. The kid didn't flinch, and was basically saying, "BRING IT ON!" a la president Bush when he decided to antagonize the rest of the world in a public address.

Adam downed the whole plate of sushi and won himself $500. I got it on camera with my Treo 650 and followed him into the bathroom expecting chunks to fly. No chunks, though, as this kid was a trooper.

The plan from there was to head over to my house for a $20 freeze out, play some Golden Tee, NBA Showtime, etc. On the way there I got a call from E-DOG letting me know that, "The kid lost it." Apparently the doors to
the Subaru flung open and Adam added some much needed fertilizer to the yellow grass just outside of Boca Park.

Thankfully, he was done puking by the time he got over to my place. We played a freeze out that came down to Jean Gluck and Blake Steph. Jean is a professional poker player who does well in the 100-200 games at the Commerce. Recently, she's taken up no limit and appears to have some good instincts to say the least.

Heads up, though, Blake took her down. Blake is actually an ex-Gonzaga player who was drafted by the Timberwolves and has played some in Europe before hurting his knee in ways I couldn't even understand. He threw some Latin words at me that went right over my head, "Well I tore my maximus gluteus femur receptor bone in two places, have a laceration of the ceaserus nemous andrameous gland, and on top of that lost cartilage on the backside of my kneecap right underneath my cornepius muscle that's connected to my exterior and anterior quadrilateral amphibious tendon."

What I got from that, was that his knee was messed up y'all!

Blake and I schooled E-DOG and Nathan, another Gonzaga boy with knee issues, at the NBA Showtime. Blake and I just drilled them with our inside outside game. I had him go to the hole, and they could never deal with our sweet give and go's. Frankly, it was a total mismatch and they never really got it close.


It's 2:00am now and I'm ready for bed. Tomorrow, I'll be at the Palms ALL day from noon to 2:00am playing in season two of High Stakes Poker. I won't be buying in for a million this time, but I'm prepared to go as deep as need be. I'm thinking about buying in for $200,000 and then rebuying depending on WHO doubles up, as most of the players will be buying in for the minimum of $100,000.

I'll be giving you all a report of the goings on in my next blog...