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Lazy Boy

18 Mar 2006

The other night I was watching more Tivo'd shows upstairs in the bedroom and when I got bored with that, I thought I'd go play some X-BOX.

I'm still playing on the "regular" X-BOX, but I just received the 360 in the mail, sweet!

So anyway, I was playing all kinds of games. I tried to get back into Halo a little bit, but man, I just suck at that game. I mean really, I just absolutely suck so bad it's puzzling?

I gave up on Halo pretty quickly and switched to the Winter Olympics game that I bought recently. That's a fun game. You can bobsled, ski, luge, cross country ski, biathalon, etc. I absolutely pwn in the luge- can't touch this deer, neer, neer, neer.... neer, neer...neer, neer... can't touch this.

I played a 15 medal competition for hours until I was winning gold pretty consistently.

Then I popped in Spiderman for a bit, but I just wasn't in the mood. Frankly, I still laugh when I hear Tobey doing the voice overs on the video game version. I don't know, lol, it's kind of creepy.

The next game of choice that would keep me up till 11:00am was Madden 2005. I started out a franchise and was practicing drills, etc. taking it very seriously.

Then, as I normally end up doing, I stopped actually PLAYING the games and instead decided to just simulate seasons and manage a bad team.

When I do that, I choose the fantasy draft option and then draft the worst team possible. Then, each season at the NFL draft try to improve my team and see how long it takes to make a winner out of it.

Well, the first three seasons we went.. er, um, 0-16, but the next two seasons we actually won a game, going 1-15. The next season I got a little impatient and signed a few free agents to bolster the team and we went... 3-13.

This NFL game is pretty realistic. My team was making a ton of money but our fan support was nil. The development of my #1 draft picks was pretty slow as well, and I wondered whether it had something to do with all the losing.

I had a couple hundred million saved up so I made a pitch to win back the fans! I lowered the price on the hotdogs and chilidogs, lowered ticket prices, bought every enhancement you could to the stadium including cup holders in the seats and even heated seats!

I spent big coin that season, almost $200 million! The fans came back, but the 0-6 start saw them all leave again, lol. I finally went to bed after my 3-13 season a little frustrated.

I couldn't sign any big name free agents0 they wouldn't play for me! Something about it being "not all about the money." Oh please! That part wasn't quite as realistic, lol.


I haven't been able to wake up before 2:00pm recently which suits me just fine. Patty, my personal assistant comes by each day to make sure Mushu gets walked and she takes care of all the phone calls and such so I can sleep as late as I'd like to.

The rest of my days have been a mix of unproductive thing after another... and I love it! I've been checking out the FCP forums a lot, probably too much! I've been doing some other fun organizational stuff that I love to do (too weird to even talk about) and I've also played a bit of online poker.

I played a little bit of the $50-$100 NL game and did pretty well with it. I won a pretty good chunk of money in that game, but more recently I've been back to playing $500-$1000 with AllTheWomen and SuperMario20.

I know who both players are, and they are both very good which makes the game exciting for me. We were actually playing three handed yesterday for a little while before AllTheWomen took about $25K loss and quit.

The SuperMario20 and I played for quite a while. I was up as much as $30,000 during the three handed game, but Supermario20 went on a monster rush and took that $30,000 plus my initial $30,000 buy in!

Eventually I made a comeback, and ended the session down a little less than $5000.

Then today I played a little heads up with AllTheWomen. I was up in that session about $20,0000, then down about $15,000, then up about $15,000, then down $10,000, then up $8,000... it was quite a roller coaster ride, and eventually we quit with me down less than $1500.

Tonight, the plan is for more of the same. Surfing the net, but more importantly, I plan on finally trying out the X-BOX 360, I hear it's really pimp. I'll let you all know.

Oh, also, if you guys are interested I added a few more poker hand quiz questions to the forums which you can check out by clicking here