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Daniel - Poker Journal

First Session of 2006

03 Feb 2006

I have kept myself pretty busy over the last few days writing, organizing, and doing various other things.

The other day I picked up my brother Mike at the airport. My mother had no idea I was bringing him out for the FCP Football weekend, so we played a little prank on her.

When I got to her place I told her to call Mike immediately. She did, and talked to him for a bit. Then while she was on the phone with him, he walked up right beside her. She absolutely flipped out! She was very happy to see him obviously.


This afternoon something crazy happened while I was walking Mushu. There were two big dogs being walked ahead of Mushu and Mushu kept walking faster and faster wanting to catch up with them and, I don't know, rumble?

All of a sudden the dogs looked back, and one of them snapped his leash and was coming right for Mushu! The big dog was just inches away from Mushu and I could see his teeth as he was growling at him.

I lunged for Mushu and grabbed him with my right hand. With my left hand, I tackled the big dog on the road. I wasn't trying to hurt him, just contain him.

Picture this, I was spread eagled in the middle of the road laying on top of the big dog while protecting Mushu from his jaws.

Mushu was fine as I didn't let the big dog get to him. As for me, I didn't leave the encounter unscathed. My left knee got banged up pretty bad. I ripped a whole through my jeans and scraped my knee on the ash fault.

Lori had a medical kit and took care of it. Iodine, and some other thingamaging that felt like it was burning right through my bone!

It was about 5:00pm and I decided to head down to Bellagio to play a little poker. I headed over to my mother's house to pick up my brother so he could get out of the house for a while.

When I got there, it was just Eli Elezra, Chip Reese, and Gus Hansen. They were playing $2000-$4000 Hold'em, Omaha H/L, Razz, Stud, Stud H/L, 2-7 triple draw, Omaha, and Stud H/L Regular.

Later the game filled up with the likes of: Ming Ly, Barry Greenstein, Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Ted Forrest, and David Benyamine.

The session wasn't too eventful for me as far as interesting hands go, but I ran pretty well. I was winning right around $100,000 for most of the session and finally finished up ahead $69,000.

The topic of conversation for the evening was pretty consistent. People were discussing Andy Beal's return to Vegas. Who should play, who shouldn't play, how to play him, how not to play him, etc.

Frankly, much of the conversation surprised me. I am not part of the corporation, because I'm just not comfortable putting my money on other people. Especially when I don't know who'd be playing him. Some of the high limit players not only suck at limit hold'em, but have little to no experience playing heads up.

Rather than invest $500,000 in the corporation, I'd much prefer playing Andy for $1,000,000 all by myself. I've been playing a fair amount of heads up limit hold'em recently, and frankly, I just think that I'd be so much more fundamentally sound than he is that he couldnĎt overcome it.

I also feel like I know the correct approach to beating him. I think a guy like Joe Cassidy or Erik123 would make short work of him since they have so much experience playing the game heads up online.

As for some of the others, if they don't practice playing a lot of heads up limit hold'em online they'd start out lacking the necessary feel that you just have to have in order to be at your best.

Having said that, it appears as though the corp. is going with the A-Team, using Todd Brunson and Jennifer Harman for the most part. Ted Forrest makes up the third leg of that group and apparently has had a good amount of success against him.

What I find interesting, is that Andy feels as though raising the stakes may take the corp. out of their comfort zone. What he fails to realize, is that the corp. isn't really playing that high at all. No one is risking more than $500,000 which is less than they would be risking playing $4000-$8000 on their own.

The only pressure the players would face is having to deal with the criticisms from the rest of the group if they were to lose to Andy. There just isn't much incentive for somebody to want to wake up at 9:00am, play a full day, and 1) get paid no more than someone who slept all day if you win, and 2) have to deal with all of the second guessers if you lose.

Personally, if I had a spare $10 million lying around I wouldn't invest it in the corporation. Instead, I'd sit right down and try to bust them both!

Unfortunately, after looking through my couch for some loose change I came up a little short J However, Iím really rooting for the corporation despite the fact that I elected to pass on being a part of it, because itís great for the high limit poker world if they are able to win a big number.


So after a six hour session, I finally quit with a $69,000 profit. Not a terrible way to start of the year playing live.