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Golf is Good

11 Jan 2006

Over the last two days I decided to go golfing. The first day was totally spur of the moment and we headed over to the golf course around 3:00pm. We knew ahead of time that we wouldn't finish the round, but I predicted (accurately) that we'd get 16 holes in.

Without any time to hit balls on the range I stunk it up pretty good on the front 9 shooting a whopping 60! I haven't golfed in forever so it was to be expected.

That night I went to bed really early and woke up at 6:30am. We had an 11:00am tee time so I decided to take a shower, have some breakfast, check some e-mails, and try to be at the course by 9:00am to practice.

I ended up practicing longer than I'd ever had before. I generally don't practice for longer than 5 to 10 minutes, but I put in a full hour and a half of hitting the driver, chipping, putting, short irons, long irons, woods, more chipping, and more putting.

My buddy Zvi "the Mille champ" bet me $500 that I wouldn't break 110. I accepted the bet, but when we started I knew I was in big trouble as the wind was howling.

After all of that practice, I went up to the first tee box with a safe 5 wood, and duffed it! I didn't hit it much farther than the ladies tees.

I continued to struggle badly for the first five holes when my other buddy Grant threw out a nugget of information, "Bend you knees a little bit."

That little tip ended up being pure gold as I realized I was standing up too straight on the ball. I bogeyed #9, but ended up shooting a pitiful 58 on the front, which meant I'd need a 51 on the back to break 110. It didn't look good.

On #10 I was on in 3, but 3 put for a double bogey. On #11 I was on in 4 and two put for another double bogey. I'd have to do better than that if I was going to break 110.

On #12... Par! On #13... Par! By that point I was crushing the ball and chipping like a pro. One thing is for sure, all of that practice improved my chipping immensely. I was able to chip everything pretty close.

By #15 I didn't need to chip anything as I was hitting the center of the green every time. I was en fuego to say the least.

By #17, I'd played 9 holes at precisely bogey golf! That's insane for me, that just doesn't happen.

#18 was a long par 4 and Zvi started yapping before I hit my drive. I switched to my driver by hole #8 and was hitting it pure. Then Zvi, standing in my backswing, is yapping about all of these bets we can make, yada, yada, yada, and of course, I duffed my tee shot into the water.

I ended up making an 8 on the last hole for a 58-48=106 which was good enough to win my bet.

I tell you what, nothing, and I mean nothing feels better than hitting a golf ball pure. I was just so excited about how I was playing and can't wait to get out there again.

One thing is for sure, practice really is essential. From now on I want to spend an hour at the range before each round and I'll bet that shaves 6-8 strokes off of each round I play.


It's 7:00am right now here in the Bahamas and I'm all packed and ready to head to Miami. Later tonight I'll be making a private appearance in Boca Raton, and then early on the 12th it's off to LA where I'll have a long layover till my red eye to Australia.

I'll get to Australia at 9:00am on the 14th and the Aussie Millions starts on the 15th. I'm looking forward to the trip. It's a long one, but I'm pretty good about flying, especially alone. It gives me time to catch up on reading, writing, DVD's, music, etc.


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