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WPT is a Go!

23 Dec 2005

Ok, it looks like I'm sticking with my plan of playing all three WPT events in January and I'm really excited about it. I've spoke to lawyers, my agent, to Steve, and I feel comfortable that the information I received is accurate.

A couple points of interest:

1) Any exclusive agreements I have are not in jeopardy in any way, shape, or form. Legally, since I have an exclusive deal with FCP for example, they couldn't possibly use my name and likeness to promote WPTonline.

2) Steve's intent with that paragraph didn't come through well in the way that he wrote it. While it reads as though he is clearly stating that he feels as though he has the legal right to use our name and likeness to promote the WPTonline, his intent was to say that he took the banner down simply because the players asked him to, regardless of whether or not he had the right to do that. He would NOT in fact, have the legal right to do that.

3) The WPT has never, and I mean never used a player's name and likeness without a player's permission and/or compensation.

4) Finally, nothing in the release conflicts with any contracts that I currently have signed and wouldn't hinder me from signing future contracts in any way.

So all in all, I feel more than comfortable playing and signing the release. In some respect, there is simply no "smoking gun," if you will, and no precedent for all of the WPT release bashing.

Now, if an issue does arise in the future, then we'd sick em' like rabid dogs! However, since there is no "issue" and no reason to believe that there will be, I'd rather bury the whole thing and get back to playing some poker!

On that note, I'm headed over to www.fullcontactpoker.com to play some heads up limit hold'em- man that game is fun!