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There is Hope

20 Dec 2005

I went to dinner tonight with my wife Lori and my friends from Toronto, Steve G., Sam S., and Tyson. Steve G. I mentioned in a previous blog as having a lot of talent. After writing that blog, he cashed in the Bellagio event that just passed, good job Steve.

Anyway, after dinner I was rarin' to play some poker! I headed down to the Bellagio to hopefully play in the big game. Unfortunately when I got there, there was no game going in Bobby's Room.

Yet still, I just wanted to play some poker, any kind of poker! So I went to the "other" high limit section and noticed a short handed $300-$600 game of Omaha H/L and 2-7 triple draw.

There were rumors that a big game may start later so I decided to sit in the game for a little while and see what developed.

Within about 20 minutes the game started to fill up. In the game, there was precisely ONE person that I was certain was older than me. Lee, at 43 years of age was the elder statesmen.

Across from me was a monster of a player, a 22 year old kid named Steve. On my left, another 20 something, and all around the table there was young players who played on the internet and were now looking to play more than just hold'em.

I was excited to play with them. I wanted to get a feel for not only how good they were, but also how much enthusiasm they had for the game I love.

I was pleasantly surprised. They were all "gung ho" about playing mixed games and we started talking about adding more games.

There were two interesting hands I played on the night, one of which was in triple draw with the other hand coming in Omaha H/L:

Hand #1: 2-7 Triple Draw, I raised coming in with 4-5-5-7-7 and the youngster on my left re-raised me. My hand was pretty bad, but I did have two valuable discards that my opponent might have needed to complete his hand.

I drew two obviously, and he drew one. I checked blind, and he bet out. I caught absolutely nothing, an Ace and a King. However, rather than call and go to the deck to draw two more to my pathetic hand, I decided to "snow" it and check-raised him.

He called, and I stood pat hoping he missed his draw. I bet again, and he called. On the last draw I bet out once more, and the kid raised me. "Uh oh, looks like the jig is up!"

I wasn't going to call him with such a bad low, but the thought did cross my mind that he might be bluffing. I showed my A-K, and he turned over... 2-3-3-4-6! Doh, he outplayed me there.

Hand #2: In a six-way Omaha H/L hand I was dealt Ah 10h Ks Qs. I raised coming in, it got re-raised, and finally capped for five bets.

The flop came: Js 8h 9s. Wow, what a flop for me. I flopped the nuts, with a king high flush draw, a bigger straight draw, and a back door flush draw.

To my surprise, four of us got four bets in on the flop too!

The turn card came the 5h! Wow, now I also had the nut heart draw along with my king high flush draw, nuts straight, and higher straight redraw. Oh and no, I'm NOT making this up!

A couple more bets went in on the turn, 4 to be exact! The river came the 7d and I wasn't happy about that card. It seemed as though I might get quartered since a back door low got there, and that's exactly what happened. I was up against:

As 3s 8c 9c (two pair and the nut spade draw)
Ac Qc 9d 10d (nuts straight, no re-draw)

I got a quarter of this monster pot which was pretty disappointing. Sure my spade draw was no good, but man, what a hand!

On my way home I picked up a check from the Bellagio to wire into my www.fullcontactpoker.com account. I want to have a healthy bankroll on the site in case I get some action in the $500-$1000 limit hold'em game or the $50-$100 blind no limit hold'em game.

There are tons of high limit players on the site so it shouldn't be hard to find any action. It will be nice to have enough money to play for longer than 10 minutes!

The last two times I played I bought in for $20,000 and $30,000 respectively, and frankly, that's just nowhere near enough. If you lose 3 or 4 hands playing $500-$1000 that'll cost you $20,000 easy.

Sitting with $200,000 or so should help me fade the swings. After doing some research recently on limit hold'em and some of the players I'll be facing, I'm more and more confident that I'll do quite well with a $200,000 bankroll.

One of the obstacles I face, however, is that when I'm playing it's just me. When playing against others online, you could be playing anybody. In fact, there are teams of guys who share bankrolls online and take shifts playing.

If one guy gets unlucky and starts steaming, he gets pulled in favor of his teammate. If one guy gets tired, he can tag in and have someone fresh come in.

That's about the only real concern I would have, aside from having to adjust to a different player and not knowing when they are switching in and out.

Tomorrow I plan on playing some real poker at the Bellagio, and then later this week I'll be sitting at table "KidPoker" at www.fullcontactpoker.com waiting for some action. If I do get some action, I'll be letting everyone in the General Forums at FCP know as soon as I do.

Tonight's tally at Bellagio was as follows:

$300-$600 0.5 hours -$3,900
$400-$800 1 hour +10, 500