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Doin' Vegas Like a Tourist

19 Nov 2005

The night before last, a few of the "boyz" headed over to Tao, the new hot spot over at the Venetian. Actually, it's Hellmuth's new hang out as he won't go to Light anymore.

They had the nerve to tell him he can't wear his hat and sunglasses in the club... I mean, do they know who he is? He's Phil Hellmuth!!! So what if they didn't let Shaq or Jordan where there fedoraís in the club, this is Phil Hellmuth we are talking about here. He has more world championships than either of them!

So anyway, E-DOG got us a nice hook up at the club and we got the best table in the house next to that guy Chris Judd, J-Lo's ex-husband I think.

The club was loud, and I mean super loud. They started out playing what I like to call, "white people" music- Guns N' Roses type stuff. They switched to some funky beats soon after, though, which pleased me and my posse.

The inside of the club is pretty slick. The place was just packed, you couldn't really move at all. Luckily we had a table which gave us a little breathing room.

A little while later D-Dub showed up. D-Dub, for those of you who don't know is David Williams... I like that nickname, works for me.

So anyway, we hung out till about 3:00am and then took a cab back to the Bellagio where we crashed for the evening.

Then today, my agent Brian Balsbaugh called and told me that our boy Jim Hess had some tickets to the Seinfeld show that night. I'd already seen Seinfeld live at Foxwoods a few years back, but you just can't get tired of that.

So we got to Ceaser's a little before 7:00pm and ended up with some pretty good seats. In fact, right across from us was Ben Stiller who was there with some friends to watch the show.

Seinfeld didn't disappoint as usual. He is just one of the all-time greats when it comes to stand up. One of my other favorites was in the building, as Curb Your Enthusiasm's own Larry David was backstage and I caught a glimpse of him.

I really don't get awestruck too often, but I have such a deep admiration for comedians. What they do, man, it's such a high pressure situation that has to me a monster adrenaline rush. The pressure to perform has to be extraordinary and these guys can really come through in the clutch.

Larry David is an absolute comedic genius and I'd just love to meet him one day. It's funny too, because recently I've been watching the DVD set I have of Curb Your Enthusiasm and I go to sleep laughing every night.

So anyway, after the show was over some of Ben Stiller's friends recognized me, so Ben came up to me and said something like, "So I hear you are some hot shot poker player?"

We traded small talk for a bit, and I told him I was a huge fan of his work, which I absolutely am. When I first saw Zoolander I thought it was the dumbest movie ever. Then I watched it again, and again, and just couldn't stop laughing!

He was a lot shorter in person than what I would have expected. A real nice guy that had a ton of great things to say about Jerry Seinfeld. He said, "Jerry is just the best. I always come to his shows he is just awesome."

He obviously had a ton of respect for him and that's great to see.

So after the show my buddy Matt and I headed over to the Palms to meet up with the wives. Lori's favorite restaurant is called 9. It's a steakhouse but I'm always able to conjure up some sides that fill me up. They always treat us really well when we go there and it really does have a cool vibe to it for sure.

So that was pretty much it. I spent a couple days doing the "Vegas thing" and living like a tourist. Tomorrow, it's back to work, as I'll be playing in the WSOP Circuit event at Bally's.

Also playing tomorrow, will be my assistant Travis. He played in exactly one satellite and won it... maybe I teach him too good? We'll see...