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High Stakes Poker: Day One

02 Nov 2005

We started around noon and I showed up at about 11:50am. When I got their people were inquiring about what I was going to buy in for, "A million," I told them.

Doyle talked about possibly buying in for a million, but finally decided on $500,000. Aside from Doyle, only Danny Ayaila bought in for more than the minimum of $100,000 as he bought in for $200,000.

I got an unlucky seating draw with Barry Greenstein on my left and Doyle two seats to my left. Jennifer was behind Doyle, and then we had Ted Forrest behind her! Other players at the table included Dr. Amir, Danny Ayaila, and Jerry Buss.

The action started a little slow, but I was able to consistently chop away and nickeled and dimed em' for a nice little $80,000 profit.

After about 4 hours, several players quit and we were joined by Todd Brunson, Sammy Farha, Eli Elezra, and Shawn Shikan.

Then I played my first big pot. Short handed while several players were waiting to post I made it $2600 with the K-9 of clubs. Barry made it $10,000 behind me as he likes to do before the flop with weakish hands, so I called the raise.

The flop came 7 3 2 all clubs giving me the second nut flush. I checked, Barry bet $10,000 and I moved him all in for another $110,000. Barry said, "I guess I gotta call," and sent his money to the center with the Ac Jd.

The turn came nothing, but the river came another club and now I was stuck for the first time all day.

Not too much later I called a small raise from the small blind with pocket 33. The flop came Ad 9d 3d and I checked over to Sammy Farha. He bet $17,000, I made it $50,000 and he went all in for close to $100,000.

I called, and Sammy turned over the Kh Qd. The turn came nothing, but once again, the river came a diamond and I lost another monster pot on the river as a huge favorite.

The third big pot I played I wasn't the favorite going in, but I played the hand correctly nonetheless. Eli limped, Sammy made it $2600 from the button and I called as did Eli.

The flop came 10-8-6 with two spades and I fired out $5000. Eli made it $15,000 and had about $70,000 more behind him. There were a lot of hands I could beat at this point and felt very strongly that he didn't have a set or a straight. Worst case scenario was two pair, as far as I was concerned.

I stuck the rest in and Eli called with 6-8. We decided to "run it twice," meaning, that we would have two different turn and river cards. If you won twice, you win the whole pot, win once, and you split the pot.

On the first go, Eli won the hand with his two pair. On the second deal, I turned an ace which meant we'd be chopping the pot unless an 8 or a 6 came... *sigh* it was an 8.

I lost several other hands on the river. but feel like I played just awesome overall. I felt like I was in complete control of the table and if I didn't get unlucky I would have booked a nice win. Oh well, it's not the short term results that matter, seriously, it's all about making the right decisions. I don't think anyone played better than me today, but in the end I lost $214,400. In fact, I was probably the big loser on the day!

While playing, we also played props so you'll all get a look at how that works on television. I broke even in the props, actually I lost $2,000, but another player at the table won $170,000 in props alone!

There were lots of dramatic hands, and several "online like" river cards (kidding of course :-)

I'm looking forward to another session tomorrow, and I just hope I can play as well tomorrow as I did today. I am really pumped up about the way Iím playing right now, it's an exciting feeling.

Oh, and apparently I forgot to mention a few FCP members in my last blog: Theresa and Ozium_Rules, you are all right in my book too! As I said in the last blog there were so many important members at FCP that I was bound to miss a ton of you... don't take it personal! There is much love, lol.


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