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Six Flights in Two Days

26 Oct 2005

Unfortunately, I had to make another sad trip to Grand Rapids as Lori's Aunt passed away unexpectedly.

I left Las Vegas at 11:40pm to catch a red eye that would get me there by about 9:00am. Since there are no direct flights from Vegas to Grand Rapids, though, I had a long lay over in Chicago.

After over a two hour lay over my 7:25am flight to Grand Rapids got me there about 7 hours after I'd left Vegas.

From there, I had a little bit of time before the 11:00am funeral.

After the ceremony was over and everybody had lunch, we went back to the apartment so I could get some zzz's. I didn't sleep on the plane at all and was totally beat down.

Then by about 6:30pm it was time to head back to the airport to catch a 7:40pm flight. The apartment is only 10 minutes from the airport and I had no bags to check so that gave me plenty of time. I literally traveled with a plastic shopping back with a few copies of Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly.

It was the same drill on the way back home, a pit stop in Chicago before my last flight of the day back to Las Vegas. I finally got back home at about 10:30pm, right around 24 hours after I'd left the house.


I didn't get to bed till about 4:00am as I was watching Curb Your Enthusiasm on DVD. Once I watch one, I just can't stop. Sometimes I feel like Larry David in awkward situations and when I'm involved in a bizarre environment I'll sometimes laugh out loud. People stare at me wondering whether or not I'm sane, and I give em' the old, "Never mind, I'm really a normal person," look before walking off laughing hysterically.

I set the alarm for 8:00am but snoozed till closer to 9:00am. I hit the shower and was out the door by 9:30am for my next flight to Los Angeles to be on "Learn from the Pros," a new poker series that airs on FSN.

Jennifer met me at the airport as she was also a guest on the show along with Gus Hansen and Freddie Deeb.

Due to thunderstorms, our flight was delayed for an hour which meant we'd be late for our 1:00pm call time. Neither of us were worried, though, as the motto with these shoots it that you can generally show up two hours late and miss nothing at all. We finally got there just in time... for lunch!

We finished shooting right around 8:00pm and it was time for my last leg of the journey home. A 9:55pm flight out of LAX that would get us home by about 11:00pm.

I got home to little Mushu and surfed the net for a little bit. First, I checked to see that I had another tough loss in fantasy hockey that dropped my record on the year to 4-6, then I found a link in the forums at www.fullcontactpoker.com to the WSOP 2006 schedule.

After the complaints the floor people received this year, I was all but certain the World Series of Poker would bring back the mixed game event and make sure to protect the integrity of the event by maintaining a wide variety of games.

Screwed! That's how I felt when I saw the schedule. The World Series of Poker is an inappropriate title for this mockery. The World Series of Hold'em, sure, but how dare they call this the World Series of Poker when they've eliminated most of the other tournaments in favor of even more hold'em events.

It's not about the poker anymore, it's all about the bottom line apparently. Not only was there no mixed game event,, but get this, there is precisely ONE stud hi-lo event with a... I can't take it... with a.... with a.... $1000 buy in! My goodness, how shameful!

Not to mention the fact that if you want to play in the $3000 Omaha H/L event, it happens to run two hours after the $3000 limit hold'em event. The tournaments that used to get their own day, multiple days in fact, are reduced to being "after thoughts."

I can't tell you how upset I am with the mockery that has become of the schedule. No longer is the WSOP about the poker, about protecting the integrity of the game, or about giving the players what they want. Nope, it's all about the bottom line. *Sigh* It just infuriates me and I know I'm not alone.

The best players in the world play in the biggest mixed games in the world:

Omaha H/L
Stud H/L
2-7 Triple Draw
Limit Omaha
Pot Limit Omaha
No Limit Hold'em
2-7 NL Single Draw

These are the games that the world's best enjoy playing, but the WSOP has decided that these players know nothing about what poker is all about. Poker is Hold'em to them, and nothing more.

Poker is dying. Not hold'em of course, but poker as we once knew it is becoming extinct because the people in control aren't interested in helping poker flourish, they have a bottom line to think about that takes precedence over all else. I have no idea who is at fault so I wont place blame. Id sure like to know, though, who- who exactly is making these decisions?

I don't even know what else to say. I am so disappointed and I don't know what else to do other then to vent my frustrations. I love poker, and "non-poker playing" suits are killing the game I love.