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Tomorrow is the Big Day!

18 Oct 2005

I've been thinking about this day for a few weeks now and it's finally here. The WPT event at Bellagio starts tomorrow and we start out with 20,000 in chips which is just so nice. I love the deep stack tournaments with lots of play early.

It really gives the better players a chance to play lots of hands and see lots of flops without costing too much of their stack. Calling $200 raises with 20,000 in chips is only 1% of my stack.

Some may approach the early stages thinking that there is no need to gamble or take any risks without premium hands, but the better players look for opportunities to chip up safely while looking to bust out some of the novice players.

It's not reckless play mind you, but it's certainly not conservative! Jack McLelland introduced the double chip tournaments where you get twice the chips you normally would at your typical tournament and I love it!

Last year when I won the Borgata we started with $20,000 in chips with 25-50 blinds. In every WPT championship I have doubled up at one point. In that tournament we start with $50,000 in chips!

Finally, at the Bellagio event that I won at the end of the year we started with $30,000 in chips.

I expect to be very involved all day tomorrow and will need a good night's sleep to be at my best. Playing fast and aggresive takes a lot more out of you then sitting back and waiting for the nuts.

If I play well, and avoid traps and unlucky disasters I feel like I should be able to end day one with about $40,000 plus in chips. At the same time, getting through day one with my original $20,000 wouldn't be so bad either.

Well, good night all, I need to get some rest...