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Happy Birthday Luke & Lin!

25 Sep 2005

Ok, I get the message. Y'all are wondering where the poker is in my blog, so it fired me up to actually play a little bit. I just haven't played lately since I'm in Grand Rapids spending time with Lori and her family.

Yesterday we went over to Lori's sister Jodi and Mike's new house for a birthday party for there two kids Luke and Lin. Their birthdays were close together that it made sense to combine them for their special day.

There were about 20 kids there, all of them running around getting into trouble one way or another!

We were there from about 10:00am till 5:30pm, and then Lori had to go to a party so I had some time to myself back at the apartment. I was checking out the Forums over at www.fullcontactpoker.com and read several posts concerning this blog.

Apparently, many of you are missing all of the poker talk in the blog, but since I haven't played much poker lately, there just hasn't been a lot to talk about.

So on that note, I decided to play a little poker online. I sat down in a short handed, high limit, limit hold'em game with several players I wasn't familiar with.

I was slightly worried about my connection as I'm using a Sprint wireless card that isn't quite high speed. Luckily the connection held up well and I was able to put in about a 30 minute session. Only two hands to note really:

1) SB raised and I defended my big blind heads up with a 10-8 off suit. The flop came Qh 8h 9h, giving me bottom pair, a gut shot straight draw, with no flush draw.

My opponent bet the flop and I decided to take the lead on the hand and raised it. That way, I could represent a wide variety of hands and possibly bluff my opponent if he in fact did have me beat.

The turn came another heart and my opponent checked again. I didn't love the card, obviously, but figured that it might be a great card if my opponent didn't have a heart. I bet it, and he folded.

2) I raised with K-J in late position and the big blind called. The flop came 6-7-9 rainbow. My opponent checked, I bet, and he called. I thought he might be making a weak call with over cards or maybe even a gut shot.

The turn came a Q and he checked again. I fired once more hoping to pick up the pot right there. Unfortunately my opponent called. The river came a 3, my opponent checked and I contemplated betting. Then I figured if he had ace high he might call me, if he had a pair he'd definitely call me, and finally, if he had a straight draw with no pair there was a very good chance that my K-J high was the best hand- I checked.

Doh! My opponent turned over the same hand, K-J and we split the pot. In hindsight, I think it was a weak check on the river on my part.

I ended the session +6 bets and then went back to working on some hockey stuff!

Today, the plan is to sweat the football games (my fantasy team is 2-0) and play in some online tournaments. I'll let you know how all that goes.