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What DID I do today?

23 Sep 2005

You wouldn't think so, but it sure did today. Last night I was on my computer till 900am working on my hockey pool stuff. I ended up sleeping on the couch and finally woke up at around 3:30pm.

As soon as I woke up I was back online doing more work on the pool. I'll tell you what, I've never been as prepared for the draft this early as I am this year. Good thing too, since I'll need to pick up 10 players at the free agent draft.

The most I've ever went to the draft needing was 3 players, but I'm going all out this year George Steinbrenner style to try to win my third AHL title- way more important to me than any WSOP bracelet :-)

It's about 1:00am now and I'm still sitting on that same old couch that I slept on working on hockey stuff. I am in Grand Rapdis right now stating with Lori at her old apartment so there isn't a lot to do otherwise which is fine with me. I love workin' the hockey.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to actually wake up at like, 8:00am to get ready for Lin and Luke's birthday party. Lin and Luke are Lori's sister Jodi and husband Mike's kids, and that was the purpose of the trip to Grand Rapids.

Later that evening Lori is going to a M.I.L.F. party so which is a girls only affair, so that will leave me... on the couch, doing hockey stuff. Awesome!

I did actually write ONE column today for my syndicated newspaper column and I plan on trying to write a few more right now.

Oh, and I did make yet one more trade in my pool that will make me a very rich man going into the draft with a salary cap of $80.50, $20.50 more than the $60.00 start everyone else will start with.

I traded away Oleg Saprykin (I know, I know, you've never heard of him) and Brad "Over rated" Isbister in exhange for $5 in pool money. That leaves me with just 3 defencemen and 10 forwards. I need to pick up at least 4 more defencemen which are hard to come by and I should be fine.

I can't wait... I'm counting the hours till draft day!