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Working like a Mad Man!

12 Sep 2005

After the honeymoon it's been 9:00am wake up calls and work until about 2:00am. Five straight days of shooting my new DVD. While it's been exhausting, man is the finished product going to rock!

I feel more than comfortable saying that this will be the best poker DVD out there on the market. Why? The concept is cool and we spent a ton of money on the production to make sure it's of top quality.

Anyway, I'm on set right now and just wanted to let you all know that I haven't ditched the blog, it's just that I've had absolutely no time for anything but work.

The good news is, I finally figured out that I'm NOT playing in a tournament tomorrow, it's the day after. So I'll have a day to relax, catch up on my columns, and share a nice, big, fat blog with you all about the rest of my honeymoon and the DVD project.