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Aloha from Hawaii!

02 Sep 2005

We ended up getting the perfect room in the perfect place for a honeymoon- Maui. Our room is gigantic. Seriously, 8 people could live here comfortably!

We have a deck outside also with a table so that we can eat outside and look over the Ocean. A couple lawn chairs to relax in, etc. I could go on and on, it's just sooo the perfect place. The weather is perfect and the company ain't too bad either :-)

We arrived on the morning of the 1st at about 8:00am after flying on a red eye from Las Vegas. I rented a jeep for the week and we drove to the hotel which was about a 10 to 15 minute drive.

Our room wasn't ready yet so we had breakfast by the beach and then walked around a little bit also. Once the room was ready we both relaxed a bit, unwinding from the long flight. I took a nice bubble bath and then we sat outside on the deck for a while.

We spent most of the afternoon unpacking and planning for the week ahead. At about 7:30pm we both had massages scheduled and headed down to the Spa.

I got a "Lomi Lomi" massage which is supposedly a traditional Hawaiian massage. It was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep on the masseuse!

After the massage I chilled out in the steam room and then freshened up a little bit. We were both pretty tired so we decided to order in and just watch a movie. We watched two actually: The Longest Yard and Kicking and Screaming.


Today the plan is to go golfing! I'm awaiting our breakfast right now and we have a tee time scheduled for noon. I can't wait. I'm just hoping that Lori really takes to golf because I think it will be a great way for us to spend time together.

I chose the Emerald course, because apparently it's best suited for women or beginners. I'm going to play from the ladies tees with Lori since she is so new to the game. That's going to be fun for me as I'll likely break 100!

After Golf, we are attending a Luau. I've never been to a Luau and am not really sure what I'm in for, but I think it should be fun.

This is the first vacation Iíve taken since I became a poker player at the age of 17. Iíve been to tons of beautiful places around the world, but it was always for a work related reason. This trip is all about unplugging from the world. Iím not answering my phone or looking at e-mails. Not doing any ďbusinessĒ at all.

The blog is just something that I want to do because I want to log any and all of the special memories that weíll share this week.

(knock, knock, knock) Food's here. Gotta run!