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E-DOG turns 29!

12 Aug 2005

Erick turned 29 yesterday, August 11th and the plan was to play Shadow Creek whenever we woke up. Erick dropped by the house at around 2:00pm to pick up Sam and me.

It would be both mine and Sam's first time playing Shadow Creek while Erick plays there all the time. In fact he has a locker there not to far from MJ's.

We were greeted by the head pro there Monte Montgomery who seemed like a really cool guy. According to Erick, he could also play some golf!

On the front nine I had a few rough holes and shot a 57. The back nine went pretty much the same way for me up until 18. Without even having a chance to see what 18 looked like, Monte threw out a proposition for me.

It was a par 5 and Monte told me he'd give me 4 shots on this one hole. Dude, I suck but I just had to take him up on that offer.

Then of course I head up to the tee and notice the longest carry of the day and water surrounding the green. Oh no.

Monte hit a long one but ended up in a bunker. I reared back with my "Popeye" swing and hit my best drive of the day clearing the carry easily.

With my second shot I hit a smooth 7 wood right down the middle of the fairway and left myself about 140 yards to the pin.

Now I'd never golfed with a caddie before, but man does that make it easy! My caddie read every green perfectly and had me using the right club on every shot.

His advice on 18 was to go over the water and try to get on with a 7 Iron. That's not a tough shot at all for a normal golfer, but remember now... I suck!

I could have laid up and played a short chip, but since Monte was in the sand and had to play safe I decided to go a little "Tin Cup" and go with the riskier shot.

What an idiot! I plopped it into the water and hit my next shot into a nearby bunker.

Monte was on the fringe in 3 and I was lying 5 in a bunker. Luckily for me they call me "Mr. Sand Man." Ok, so nobody really calls me that other than myself, but I'm actually pretty good from the sand.

This wasn't a shot I was typically good at, though, because it was a long bunker. Nevertheless I hit a sweet, sweet shot and landed about 4 feet from the pin.

Monte barely missed his putt and had to settle for par. I drained my putt and ended up shooting 114. I lost money to Erick, but beat both Sam and Monte. That's two straight times I've beaten Sam now, so rather than take 9 a side from him we are down to 7.

That's a fair way to gamble in my opinion. Whoever wins sacrifices a stroke the next time we play. E-DOG will have to give me 10 strokes a side next time.

After golf we had nachos and salsa in the clubhouse and talked golf, football, and even poker with Monte. He's a very interesting story. He had an opportunity to be a PGA Tour pro in his younger days, but chose his family first. He seemed really content with his decision and spends a ton of time with his 10 year old son who is quite the athlete himself.


We had 10:00pm dinner reservations at Cintaro, a tepanyaki place that everyone likes. There was about 10 of us for dinner and the sake was flowing freely.

Somehow we got on the topic of singing. Sam is the worst singer in the world. He makes William Hung look like the next Sinatra. Yet he joked that he would be happy to sing at the wedding! No thanks Sam, I think I'll pass.

After dinner we decided to do a little Karaoke over at Ya-Ming, a local Karaoke bar that we often go to. It was a pretty large group of us and everyone seemed to be having an awesome time.

I was of course, the resident "rap expert" as no one else there could flow like Eminen or "Fitty." My goal on the night was to get Erick singing, and when U2's With or Without You was next on the schedule Erick took center stage.

He decided to do a duet with... Sam! Wow, I used to really like that song, but man, listening to it will never be the same after listening to those two butcher the song.

We ended up closing the place and didn't get home till morning. All in all, it was a really great day and I hope E-DOG enjoyed his last birthday as a "20 something."


Today I went over to my mother's as she and my brother flew in last night. I brought Mushu, and him and Foxy played all afternoon. It is so much fun watching them run around after each other. Foxy always tries to sniff Mushu's butt and Mushu won't have any of it, snapping right back at her with a growl.

My brother and I did a couple last minute errands for the wedding and then we ate dinner over at my mother's... yum yum! I seriously have to write down some of her recipes, she is such an awesome cook.

After dinner I headed home and am currently vegging on the couch catching up on a little Tivo action.