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Next Stop: Toronto

02 Aug 2005

This afternoon I was tying up loose ends getting ready to get on a red eye tonight to Toronto. I took Mushu to the vet to get him some shots and get a certificate that allows him to fly with me.

My mother is in Toronto with Foxy (formerly known as Princess) so I decided to bring Mushu along rather than leave him here alone.

While there my travel guy "Red" informed that a plane had just crashed at Pearson International in Toronto and there was no information available as yet as to whether or not my flight would be cancelled.

When I got home I logged on to the net and was happy to see that of the 309 passengers on the plane there were zero fatalities. Lots of flames and damage, but no one was seriously hurt. Thank God.

A little hesitant about flying due the difficulties they are having there with the weather, I considered canceling the trip altogether.

Once Mushu was given a clean bill of health I headed over to the bank to deposit a check for an exciting investment that will become public knowledge in the coming weeks.

From there it was back home to the computer to catch up on important e-mails and phone calls. I wanted to make sure I have all of my plans set for Toronto and it looks like things are coming together with that.

I have Gord "Andretti" picking me up from the airport early tomorrow morning and taking me to my mother's. It will be nice to see Mushu get a chance to play with Foxy now that she is healthy.

Later that evening, I'll be meeting with Chris Pronger and company for dinner. Pronger is in town for his second annual Celebrity Golf tournament that they’ve asked me to play in. Man, if they only knew how bad I sucked they may have reconsidered! I'm actually very nervous about the event, because I haven't hit a golf ball in ages.

I'd planned on practicing, but once again never found the time. At this point I'm just hoping I don't embarrass myself out there!

So the plan on the 3rd is dinner as I said, and then the tournament is set to take place at 1:00pm on the 4th. I'll be in Toronto till the 7th and haven't cemented my plans yet for the remaining days, but it's safe to say I'll keep busy while there.

Anyway, it's about 7:00pm now and I need to start packing and heading to the airport pretty soon.