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Meetings, Meeting, and more Meetings

29 Jul 2005

I spent all day today on conference calls or in meetings. Actually yesterday afternoon was much of the same. On the conference call we worked on a DVD project I have planned and I'm very excited about the way the call went. One thing I can guarantee, is that this poker DVD will be unlike any you've ever seen before. A totally unique format that I'm hoping you'll all be entertained by, while actually learning a thing or two along the way.

The rest of the day was spent talking with the FCP Biz Team about this weekend. We wanted to put together a solid game plan for the weekend so that everyone gets the most out of it.

I am looking really forward to this weekend and think it's just going to be an awesome time for all. Everything is set and ready to go. We got grub, we got drinks, and we are gonna have a house full of FCPers sharing war stories.

Tomorrow everyone gets here in the afternoon and then the plan is to play a free roll tournament at Wynn. It'll be a pretty quick structure, but it should still last about 3-4 hours.

Then of course on Saturday we have a full day of events planned revolving around the theme of the eight challenges I promised to play the FCP Logo Contest winner. Some of the challenges we'll do at my house, while others we'll do over at E-DOG's bachelor pad.

That night, the finalists and I will have dinner at Wing Lei over at Wynn. I'm sure when the weekend is over you'll hear from all of the participants as they'll likely give you their take on how the weekend went. Checkout the General Forum at www.fullcontactpoker.com to read more about it.


Last night, I played a freeze out against Evelyn Ng, Carlos Mortenson, Erick Lindgren, Jennifer Harman, Daniel Negreanu, Josh Arieh, and David Williams.

Once again, "E-DOG" owned Negreanu and busted him out first with AK versus AQ. The next to go was Jennifer Harman when her AK ran into David Williams AA.

Josh Arieh should have been the next player eliminated, but he doubled up like seven hands in a row! It was the scariest thing, he was all in for the big blind and came all the way back to being an above average stack.

David Williams went down followed by Evelyn Ng and so it was down to just me, E-DOG, Josh and Carlos Mortenson. With the blinds getting way up there I found myself in a three way pot all in with KQ vs. K8 and 87.

I couldn't ask for a better spot, but E-DOG hit the 8 and sent me to the rail. What can I say, the kid's got my number. Not only did he bust me once in the tourney, but twice!

For those of you that haven't figured it out yet and are wondering, huh? Did Daniel lose his mind or something?

No, I'm just fine thank you. I finally got a copy of STACKED with Daniel Negreanu in the mail and was testing it out by playing a single table satellite against the pros. I really can't explain in words how cool that is. Especially for a guy like me that grew up playing fantasy sports and video games.

I ended up playing STACKED for like four hours straight, watching the Poker School and then fiddling with all of the features in the career mode.

Itís about 3:00am now and I just got done posting a little bit in the forums at www.fullcontactpoker.com. There were actually some really funny threads in there tonight. Iíll probably check back in there before bed and see if anyone responded to my last couple posts. While that may sound silly to many people, I dunno, I think itís kinda fun. I like interacting with the people there for the most part. And hey, if I donít like what they have to say, I can just erase it!

Actually, the only time I feel the need to delete posts is when a thread sometimes turns ugly. For the most part everyone is respectful towards each other, but sometimes it can get out of hand and thatís when I step in to try to bring order to the chaos!

Since I canít read every post, though, I also have moderators at the forums to notify me of anything inappropriate.

If you havenít checked out the forums already, check them out. There is tons of good info in there on a wide range of topics from NHL Hockey to whether or not itís appropriate for me to discuss how much I spend on underwear, LOL! Oh, and some poker related stuff too. Just remember to try and be polite and avoid flaming the other posters. Thatís just not cool. If you happen to come across a post that you find inappropriate, feel free to contact me at daniel@fullcontactpoker.com and I will try to rectify the situation as soon as I can.

As a side note to all you regular FCPers that are reading this: be nice to the newbies!