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Breathe Again

22 Jul 2005

Many of you wonít get the Toni Braxton reference I guess, since she has nothing to do with this edition of the blog. Itís more a song she wrote called, ďBreathe Again.Ē It just popped into my head when thinking about the last few days of catching my breath.

After canceling several appointments last week itís been a relatively slow week for me. Iíve done a few interviews and have a couple scheduled for tomorrow, but other than that I have no ďadultĒ responsibilities tomorrow. The only real plans I have tomorrow are a dinner with friends and then hitting a comedy show.

I was a part of something today that felt really good. I canít share any details, because itís a private matter, but it was basically a group of people coming together to do a selfless act for another. I drove around for a while doing this and that, and in the end everything worked out great.

The other night I saw Wedding Crashers. Man, Vince Vaughn is a funny dude. I really like his comedic personality in every movie Iíve seen him in. Ever since Swingers Iíve always looked for films that he was in and this one met the hype IMO. A funny, and at times disturbing film about a couple of guys that look to take advantage of single women at weddings. A horribly shallow topic, but in the context of the film it worked. I didnít feel dirty after watching it.

Other than that Iíve spent a little time with Lori and her best friend Amy who is out here to help with wedding stuff. We are less than a month away now. Wow, thatís weird. Just writing that is weird. Less than a month?

As far as work goes, I tried playing a sit ní go online last night just for the fun of it. As soon as I sat down to play I got a phone call from a buddy of mine who knows my screen name, ďHey, what you up to?Ē he asked.

ďOh not much. Just lookiní to play a little freeze out right now,Ē I told him.

ďI know. Youíre playiní me you donkey!Ē he replied.

It was pretty funny actually. I totally forgot his screen name.

I have several new inquiries about Challenge Matches, but donít have any scheduled for a few days which gives me some time to catch up on some writing. Now that Iím not only writing for Card Player, but am also writing a syndicated column for several newspapers in the U.S. and Canada, itís doubled my workload in that department.

I got one monkey off my back two nights ago and was working on the second monkey last night. The two columns are so different and each present their own unique challenges. My Card Player column basically rehashes interesting hands Iíve played recently and shares my though process throughout the hand. The newspaper column allows me to veer from that and discuss a broader spectrum of topics.

The Card Player column is more about me and poker, while the newspaper column is more about poker in general. The blog? Well, thatís often just random thoughts that go through my brain that for some reason I feel the need to share with perfect strangers! Dude, I just realizedÖ I do a lot of writing??

All that, and I have a book and DVD project to get to. The good news is, I feel like I can ďbreathe againď. I have a nice little stretch here where Iíll be home in Vegas and Iím looking forward to it. I even did all my laundry AND bought groceries! Check me out huh? laughing

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****Just kidding. Last time I did that everybody freaked ****