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Getting it Done

19 Jul 2005

I was forced to cancel several meetings and appointments yesterday and today, because frankly, I was too tired. I pushed myself so hard over the last little while that my body and mind finally shut down and said: you need to relax!

So today I rescheduled a 12:30pm meeting and also missed an appearance on The Score at 2:30pm. Yesterday I'd planned on shooting three shows at the Plaza for the Ultimate Poker Challenge, but simply couldn't make it.

I've spent a lot of the last couple days sleeping and getting lots of things done around the house. From laundry to paying bills, I did all of the chores that have been neglected over the last little while.

There is still a whole heap of work to do. I have to do tons of writing tonight for my Card Player column as well as my syndicated newspaper column. Both are late, and both really need to get done tonight. Thankfully I do have lots of material stored in my brain, the tough part is getting it all down on paper.

As for me personally I feel great. I finally gave my body a rest and more importantly my mind. The maids came today and the house is probably the most organized it's ever been. I still have some work to do to have everything the way I want it, but I'm definitely headed in the right direction.


The night before I had scheduled three UPC shows I finally got around to finishing my fourth Challenge match with Barry Greenstein. Barry had already beaten me twice in 7 Card Stud and I came back and won the Pot Limit Omaha match.

We then moved on to 7 Card Stud H/L and I got off to an early head start. In fact, during the entire match I never, not even for one hand trailed in the match!

We ended up playing the match over a total of 17 hours and while that's a long time it was my easiest match up yet. I faced adversity in all of my other matches, but this match was a cake walk for the most part.

I hit hands when I needed to and was lucky that Barry missed some key draws along the way. While I feel like luck was on my side, though, I also believe that my hand reading skills are better than his at Stud H/L. Of all the matches we played thus far, Stud H/L would be the one where I feel like my edge over him is at itís highest.

Considering that Barry's strategy was to pick games where he felt his edge was the most significant, I'm really excited about my chances the rest of the way. I knew he would start with Stud, PLO, then Stud 8, but his next choice of games is a little trickier. Still, though, I'm pretty sure I know which direction he's headed.

So since starting the "Daniel Negreanu Challenge" 1-4 I've been on a nice little rush winning three straight and leading in yet another match. All told that leaves me ahead $626,000 after 88 hours of total play.

Barry decided to head back home after a long and exhausting WSOP and there has been no discussion as to when we will resume play. I'm at no shortage of matches however, as I've had several inquiries this week: Aaron Katz, Dustin Wolf, John Doe II, John Doe III, Ted Forrest, Doc Jennings, etc. John Doe I just called me today and we reserved July 25th starting at noon to play a marathon session.

It's nice to be back in the black in these matches, especially with all the nay sayers telling me I've lost my mind! Iím just not sure they see, or even understand the bigger picture when it comes to these matches.


Tomorrow Lori and her best friend Amy arrive and have a busy week of working on the wedding planned. I've cleared most of my schedule barring a very important personal appointment with a friend in need. Actually now that I think about it, make that TWO important appointments with friends in need!

So my schedule for the first time in a long time looks relatively light with the exception of having to spend countless hours on writing projects. Speaking of, I think it's about time to say goodbye to you all and get to work!