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A Season of Life

06 Jun 2005

Last night before I went to bed I finally finished reading A Season of Life and I highly recommend it. It's about the Gilman high school football team, but it's about so much more than that.

I want to share with you all, the most powerful thing that I took from the book:

Frankly, after reading the first two chapters I thought it was going to be a real bore. Then by chapter three I was hooked and ended up loving the book. There are some concepts in there that serve as really powerful messages, especially for me.

For one, the idea of false masculinity. Thatís something Iíve struggled with my whole life due to my family, friends, but more importantly media influences. I think we all have to some degree. The idea that to be a "real man" you have to be:

1) Big, strong, and tough.

2) You have to score as many women as you possibly can.

3) You have to accumulate wealth.

Itís the big lie that this world sells us. Through print ads, TV commercials, movies, and all sorts of other pop culture.

The alternative view of masculinity that I read about in the book seems like one that is much more powerful, accurate, and ultimately rewarding: ďA man built for others.Ē Basically, a real man:

1) Accepts responsibility.

2) Leads courageously.

3) Enacts justice on behalf of others.

4) Excepts Godís greater rewards.

I can picture a man following the guidelines of false masculinity and compare him to a man built for others. By looking at those traits, itís no secret who would make the better friend, husband, or father.

Lori's father Roger Weber gave me the book a while back, but I've been so busy I just got to it now and I'm glad I did. Roger has all the men in the family read it, somewhat of a tradition I guess. It is a really easy read and if you can make some time you should definitely pick it up. A very uplifting story about an ex-NFL football player for the Colts named Joe Ehrmanm who ends up coaching High School football.


Today has been very relaxing for me. I was out of the tournament very early again today. In the first two tournaments I never had more than the initial 1500 in chips that I started with. Today, I had 1525 for precisely one hand before losing a big pot and was down to 775 before I knew it.

Finally, Harry Demetriou called my raise with pocket fives. The flop came 5-2-3 and since I was pretty low on chips I went all in with my pocket kings.

Barry Greenstein was still in the tournament so I decided to use the early exit as a day of rest. When I got home my mother was there with two of her friends to help me move my Golden Tee and NBA Showtime/NFL Blitz out of the kitchen and into the living room since I bought a new kitchen table to go along with a new poker table.

The living room is a little cramped now, but it'll have to do until I buy a bigger house.

I went straight to the backyard and started skimming the pool. I cleaned off some of the stuff outside that was collecting dirt and finally decided to take a swim. It had been the first time in quite a while that I spent some time in the backyard with the phones off.

I floated on my pool chair while reading ESPN the magazine for a little while. Then I ran around with Mushu for a little while playing fetch. It was really nice.

Later I came back in the house and caught up on some TV that I had on TV. One program I watched was pretty good. It was an episode of 20/20 dedicated to the resurrection where they had scholars discuss the details of the resurrection. Nothing new really, but a good program nonetheless.

It's about midnight now and I'm going to hit the sack very soon. Tomorrow is Omaha H/L which is one of my best games and I'm really looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow.

If I'm unfortunate enough to bust out before 6:00pm though, I plan on playing 7 Card Stud with Barry for another $500,000. He got me in the first match, but I'd like to try him in that game one more time unless I like the game he comes up with even better. Chances are it will be Stud though.

I watched Barry's interview on www.cardplayer.com and thought he handled himself very well actually. If you guys haven't been checking out the coverage at www.cardplayer.com you are missing out. It's been pretty awesome with tons of bust out interviews including one with Mike Matusow that you just HAVE to see!

Back to Barry, I watched the whole interview and again, I thought he had a lot of good things to say. It was nice to see that he was honest about the monster rush he went on to beat me. Hopefully in our next match I can play my best and go on a similar rush to get back to even with him.